The movie When Kids Get Life is about teenagers said to have committed murder in Colorado State. This documentary mainly talks about forty three juveniles who committed a murder crime and; unfortunately, their trial in court was similar to adults. Consequently, they were given a life sentence without any chance of parole.

The movie starts with the case of Jacob Ind, a murderer of his mother together with his stepfather, in 1992 when he was 15. The story is told from Jacob’s brother viewpoint and says how Jacob could not stand the abuse he got, and ended up committing the crime. He was given a life sentence though the judge was not willing to give.

The movie also gives Nathan Ybanez and Eric Jensen’s story concerning the death of Nathan’s mother. The story reveals how Nathan killed his mother who abused him sexually. Eric was accused since he was Nathan’s accomplice also helped Nathan clean up after the incident. This incident was told by parents of Eric and tells how these two boys were given a life sentence with no parole after Nathan committed the actual crime of killing and Eric being his accomplice.

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These are examples of the crimes committed in the movie When Kids Get Life, although there are other crimes. The producer of this movie, Ofra Bikel, makes the movie appear that teenagers are innocent; therefore, they should have a second chance and have their freedom. This is portrayed when he shows the emotional interviews from the family members of the criminals. This technique whereby he supports one sides shows how Bikel is blasphemous, since viewers are not allowed to view the other side of these incidents such as the families that have lost the loved ones, as well as, the police investigation concerning the crimes.

Although Bikel contradicts the viewers understanding, the movie serves to educate the public regarding the issue children imprisonment. It shows how this life sentence can positively transform the life of those kids convicted of crimes, such as murder. These sentences also help in reducing the high crime rates in the society; therefore, ensuring integrity is comprehensively upheld, and promoted in the society. Additionally, life sentence ends the potential crimes of the same magnitude in the future because the other criminals are able to witness the execution of their colleague.

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