This organization makes use of signs and symbols in communication at various points. All members and staff are advised to strictly adhere to these signs. Ignorance leading to any accident or a breach of the terms will not be used as defense.

Signs and Symbols in the Work Place

Document 3 Draft: Speech

Chief Executive Officer

Good evening. I am most grateful and privileged to have this opportunity to thank you all for the commitment you have shown in the first quarter of the year. We have experienced an enormous growth which is attributed to the efforts of everyone. I take this chance to say that unity amongst you all has been very important in the success of this organization. However, there is much communication needed that highlights the few challenges that we have experienced in the same period. We must all aim at perfecting every aspect of our production. Every positive input is important whereas every negative input is a loss to our engagement process. Therefore, it is at this level where we determine the leverage points. The positive patterns of the process must be reinforced and the negative patterns re-evaluated.

We must maintain a process check if this achievement is to be sustained. A process of continuously checking the inputs versus the output is prudent in enhancing the development and success of our organization. It was important for me to make this wake up call and ensure the active participation of everybody. Thus, everybody is welcome to present their views and opinions without a reserve for any. As I finish, I want to meet all departmental heads in my office. Thank you. You can disperse.

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The above diagram is a summary report of the two options available for the organization in making sure that there are enough goods for our esteemed customers. The two options are:-

  • Manufacturing/production
  • Buying

Manufacturing/Production parameters

F- Fixed price; F-MP – variable price per unit product

Buying Parameters

BP-Buying price

Other Parameters

Intersection of P1 and Q1- Break even point

Q1- maximum quantity of goods that can be bought/ minimum quantity of goods that can be manufactured

P1 – Price at which manufacturing price = buying price thus it would be wise to manufacture goods above Q1

Document 5 Draft: Website Content

Manufacturing Department

This department plans and organizes matters related production. It works in corporation with the administration in making key manufacturing decisions of the organization.


Marketing Department

This department deals with the performance of activities that direct the flow of goods and services from the organization to the customer. It is mainly concerned with marketing and sales.


Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department deals with the recruitment and general welfare of all personnel and logistics of the organization. Ensuring the proper function of all departments is the principal role of the Human Resources Department.


Maintenance Department

This department ensures proper running of all machines and equipment in the organization. It maintains proper maintenance schedules thus preventing idle time in manufacturing.

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