Jobs in the recreation field are divided into three major categories; part- time, full-time or seasonal. Employees of the recreation field are people who like to keep and stay physically fit. Recreation field career does not only exist in campus outdoor activities but also indoor activities. These jobs are mainly in playgrounds, nursing homes, tourist attractions sites, senior centers, community centers, camps, and state and national parks. Career in a recreation field can be divided into outdoor and indoor for easy discussion. They have similar relationship. These careers are:


The director is the overall boss in charge of staffing, planning, budgeting and over sees the daily activities of the recreation centre. The development of a curriculum in a recreation field like the senior homes or community centers is done by the director. The director makes sure that programs they offer have been tailored to meet the society needs at all times.

Recreation manager

The recreation manager is fully in charge of training of the recreation leaders and over sees the day to day activities of the recreation centre. The position holder of this office rarely comes into contact with the service beneficiaries (Fasulo 17).    

Recreation leader

The position holder of this office deals directly with the service beneficiaries through training, instructing players and conducting briefing to all beneficiaries'. This position is filled by a very skilled person who can multi-task. The recreation leader can advance to the position of director (Clayne 11).

Camp counselor

They are involved in instructing of children and teenagers in outdoor activities like; swimming, horseback riding, and hiking. They also provide specialized training to basic life skills. Camp Counselor, bridge the gap between the service beneficiary and the camp director.


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Recreation center, such as the senior centre, elders are taken care of, and needs a full time nurse at all times to oversee the general health of this senior people. Rehabilitation centre also needs a qualified nurse to take the interest of drug addict related cases to heart (Fasulo 73).  

Boy Scout and Girl Guide

This is a social organization that employs a lot of staff seasonally. They entirely deal with outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing and camping.

Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors

Every sport has its own rules and regulation to maintain safety, and at the same time make it interesting to the participating individuals and groups. This can only be achieved through the help of fitness trainer, guides trainees in different methods of keeping fit through sporting (Clayne  91).

Gaming services workers

They are very important workers in the recreation centre that offer's indoor games like bingo and gambling. These employees help in the calculation of the amount to be paid to the wining individuals. They oversee that rules of the game are followed (Fasulo 53).

Tour and travel guide

Plans and escorts group of individuals to scenery places like the museum, national parks and even organize hiking for interested members or individuals.

Animal care and service workers

They are skilled with animal husbandry skills and techniques. They are dedicated in feeding, bathing and training animals for performance purposes. They are in charge of the welfare of animals in circuses and animal orphanage (Craig 56).

Waiters and waitresses

Found in the service industry, they are the once who serve drinks in entertainment establishments. They also prepare and serve food to the patrons (Fasulo 231).

Amusement and recreation attendants

This is the main job in the entertainment and recreation industry. It forms a big percentage of the employee. This group of employees need not be very skilled; they are mainly drawn from colleges. Their main responsibility is to attend to clients of the amusement club.

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