Justice is where the citizen of a particular nation is able to access and enjoys their rights without any violation in a given century. Justice ensures that the citizen enjoys equal distribution of national wealth. They are able to access wealth and power to make independent decisions provided they are guide by the law. For a nation to enjoy fully the fruits of justice, people should be well governed by laws that should be stipulated clearly in a constitution. The law ensures that the citizens are able to enjoy their freedom in all the activities that they are involved. Such law ensures that one has freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom of worship among others (Walker, 1992).

In a country where justice is practiced, each citizen is given a right to access the important amenities such as medical care, education, settlement among others.  The federal government ensures that such laws are enacted failure to which full force of law take charge to the violators. This is done by administering necessary measures that is equivalent to the wrongdoing of a person. The security administration operates in a major legal environment concern that includes the natural law of a certain nation. Such natural law stipulates the result of a certain system that each person deserves according to his or her action or his or her action. As the law of Newton states, that whenever there is an action there is also an equal opposite reaction towards the violation of justice. This should be administered by security administration in coherent with universal justice and in accordance with human rights. Another environment that the justice operates is authority in command. The nation will put in place the rules and a regulation to govern the citizen and anything that is contrary is called injustice. Then the country is responsible of enacting the rules and regulation to its people through its relevant authority command. During the time the state in administering the justice, it should ensure that it is operating under mutual agreement of all concerned individuals. The justice should not be favoring any person or group. The formulation should ensure that justice is impartial. Any biasness in justice administration leads to inequality and imbalance in a nation.

The law should also consider the issue of justice. In this situation, every person is entitled to equal right as mentioned in the whole system of the basic liberties, which are compatible with universal liberty for all. Those people who are disadvantaged in the community should fairly participate equally in social and economic opportunities. The history narrating about right plays a major role in the property ownership. Every person is entitled to having right history on the kind of the properties he or she owns. Otherwise, the history should be legal. Example, the person can narrate his/her acquisition of properties from the work done, inheritance, transfer and so on. However, such history as grabbing and steeling should be considered unlawful and necessary action taken to curd such vices.

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Another environment that justice operates in the legal environment is retributive justice. Retributive justice in the law stipulates punishment that is proportionate to the crime done and morally acceptable.  For instance if a person violates the law, he should be taken to the authority and appropriate action taken. Crime punishment should be balanced an intended to collect the violators. This is achieved through punishment administration. Justice administration should show a very high independence of investigation to obtain the truth. The relevant authority should not be bias in judgment but dig deeper to get the truth of the issues presented and the right and required phenomena to ensure that they give the right ruling (Walker, 1992).

Effects of Technology

Of recent soon the technology has grown at a large extent. This has helped in the service delivery and the storage of the information among many. It has lead to hastened message delivery in the sector of mass communication. This has helped very much in disbursement of justice to the people.  There has been emergence of equipment that has facilitated this. Thus, with such equipments such as television, radios and mobile phones, information can easily be gotten and people are enlightened on their rights easily.

The technological change also has increased the efficiency at which the institution offers the justices. The institutions are now able to serve many people with more precision especially in court. The institutions are also able to use the mass media in justice delivery. This increases the efficiency in which the institutions deliver their services (Rogers, 1986).

With the right technology, security is highly heightened. For example, with the emergence of computer, mass storage of information has been possible under intense security.  The government is able to protect its secrets and hence increase its sovereign power. This has made the country give justice to its people without interference from its enemy.

Need in Individual Right Protection

According to Thecommonwealth, (2010) the issue of individual rights and security maintenance must be taken care of by the government according to the law put in place. The first thing toward this is making sure that the judicial system and the security system obey their code of conduct in dispensing their mandate. Their roles should be well defined showing to what extent are they able to instill discipline to the public.  They should also be forced to face consequences of their wrongdoing especially if they become impartial in justice deliver.  With this, the government is able to offer its citizen the required and guarantee public safety.

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