Homicide and burglary are offenses which should be punishable by the authority.  Ethical considerations which need to be addressed when investigating the crimes include: confidentiality, false evidence, communication with client, loyalty and commitment to client's cause, unreasonable attorney fee, courteous and considerate of client, delaying tactics, courteousness and civility among others. The ethical problems can be addressed by formation of organizations which help to monitor activities of the prosecutors, taking oath and also giving the prosecutors proper training among others. In most cases, prosecutions problems arising from unethical investigator include blind judgment, dismissal of the case and delaying tactics. Ethical issues directly related to the prosecutor are charging high amount of money for the services provided, playing delaying tactics, poor communication with the client. Prosecutors need to be effective and should practice their code of ethics.


Firstly, factual information should be provided while carrying out investigation. This helps to determine the extent a criminal should be punished. It determines the factual cause of homicide (Head & Mann, 2008). In addition, it makes sure an effective action is taken against the criminal which is apart from capital punishment. Factual information is provided by the eyewitness testimony. Whenever the information provided is inconsistent experts are called to confirm the type of proceedings probably to have resulted to the event. They may use material facts such as tracks, bloodstains and nature of injury (Head et al., 2008).

Secondly, understanding the situation helps prosecutor get an improved understanding of the consequences of excessive emotions on memory of the criminal. Violence perpetrators in most cases report cases of memory destruction for the cruelty act (Christianson, 2007). The prosecutor should be confidential about the evidence collected this helps to avoid information leakage which may impact on the investigation which is being carried out.

Ethical problems can be reduced by making sure that sufficient information is provided by the eyewitness and even experts should be called upon to help to carry out tests which help to show the bloodstains, nature of injury and tracks (Head et al., 2008). Adequate time should be given to the investigators to help in carrying the investigations this helps in understanding the situation for example, to determine the mental state of the defendant because some usually have an impaired memory. Confidentiality can be enhanced by the prosecutors taking an oath of being confidential to all the vital information they have. The prosecutor can disclose information to the extent he believes to be reasonable.

Blind judgment is likely to be delivered due to unethical investigations; this will make the innocent to suffer twice, both lost life and court battle, while the criminal will be scot-free (Dieter, 2005). A lot of time is likely to be wasted because the evidence provided is skewed this might lead to delayed judgment hence justice will be a mirage.

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Confidentiality is one amongst the ethical issues directly related to the prosecutor. He should be confidential about all the evidence that is provided so as to avoid the leakage of vital information. This helps in making sure that the witness is not forced to act in favor of the murderer. Communication, the prosecutor should give detailed information of the proceedings and also the amount of charges he is expecting from the client (Thomson West, 2006). This helps to solve issues in a transparent manner and at the same time it avoids the exploitation of the client, making factual statements, courteous and civil and being Courteous and considerate of client all time.


In most cases whenever inefficient investigations are carried out it leads to poor judgment. The guilty one should be punished after the sentence has been passed and also according the extent the offense committed (Head et al., 2008). Efficient investigations should be carried out to so that justice is delivered. The information provided should be factual this helps to avoid victimization of the innocent, for instance, experts can be consulted to carryout test, take blood sample and fingerprints which are very relevant in tracking the burglar (Head et al., 2008).While investigating crime the information acquired should be made confidential this is relevant because it helps in making the information free from influence of other people who are likely to alter it.

Adequate time should be given to the investigators this helps in making sure competent investigations are carried out. This enables to ironing out issues likely to lead to a delay in handling the case. Taking oath is very vital in helping to make sure that the information provided is confidential. This will help in ensuring information is not altered at the expense of another person.

Blind judgment, when investigations are carried out in an unethical manner blind judgment will be delivered.  The burglar will escape the arms of justice and the innocent one will face judgment (Dieter, 2005). A lot of time will be wasted because there will be no enough evidence this will always lead to the postponement of the case. It will also lead to a lot of money being given to the Prosecutor because of the endless court proceedings. In the end it may lead to dismissal of the case because of the long time taken it has taken moreover, lack of adequate evidence since the one who is offended most is dead.

The prosecutor have several direct ethical issues, for instance, conflict of interest, representation of codefendants, coaching of a client, issues of confidentiality and joint defense agreements (Thomson West, 2006). Basically, the prosecutors and the investigators play an imperative role in helping to deliver justice. This implies they should adhere to their code of ethics at all times for efficient functioning of the judicial system.

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