The great extent of suffering that criminal activities cause on innocent people warrants the adoption of any technique that presents effectiveness concerning the mitigation of unlawful acts. The extraction of information from individuals who plan and execute criminal acts is a crucial aspect to law enforcers. To solve or prevent criminal acts, comprehensive information relating to the activities of criminals is necessary. Criminals acknowledge that their acts are unlawful and attract various forms of punishment. In this regard, they are unwilling to reveal voluntarily any information that may depict them as participants of criminal activities and subject them to various charges. Thus, criminals promote the reign of terror and force law enforcers to adopt alternative means concerning the tackling of crime and protection of law-abiding citizens. Moreover, some individuals possess religious, political or personal convictions that make them uncooperative concerning the revelation of their activities. Without information regarding a criminal or illegal group, it is considerably difficult to prevent related acts. Inflicting severe pain on people whereby evidence illustrates they are participants in certain criminal acts is essential. The application of torture becomes necessary when other means of obtaining information become unfruitful (Harris).

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 In this regard, law enforcers have to decide whether to inflict pain on an individual(s) or let innocent people continue to suffer due to the acts of criminals. Opponents of torture view it as a violation of human rights and an approach that has minimal effects concerning the mitigation of criminal acts. However, they overlook the aspect that criminals considerably abuse the rights of their victims. In this regard, priority concerning the rights of criminals should be minimal. Opponents of torture overlook the consideration that it is better to abuse the rights of one criminal, but preserve the rights of thousands of people. Torture is unavoidable in a society where innocent lives are at risk.

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