The main objective of Bachelor of Science in criminal justice administration is to equip an individual and develop their ability to understand and resolve the problems confronting the criminal justice system. Learning of these courses actually satisfied me and made me achieve my goals and objectives since I learnt various units related to the course. They include; fundamental of investigation, criminal law, report writing, juvenile law and procedure, ethics in today's society, ethics in criminal justice, contemporary issues in criminal justice administration, and cultural diversity in criminal justice.

Criminal law is an introductory course in the study of criminal justice administration, general legal principles, and how the criminal law functions in and affects modern society. This course highlights a variety of key topics, including the concept of crime and the development of criminal law, defenses to criminal charges, and a number of specific types of crimes, including personal crimes, property crimes, public order crimes, and offenses against public morality. This course will assist the employer organization in conducting professionalism and ethics. It will also assist in defending the employer crime charging against him (Mevorah, 1995).

Juvenile law and procedure is a general orientation to the field of juvenile justice. This law affects the young people. The problems facing juveniles today are addressed, and adult and juvenile justice systems are compared, including the act of arresting, referral, and preventive techniques. Specific issues examined include chemical dependency, mental illness, and compulsive and habitual offenders. Special attention is given to the problems inherent in the police handling of juveniles and the function of juvenile court.  All these goals were achieved through study in juvenile courts and lecture that were fully satisfying.

Another course that was covered was interpersonal communication which prepares one to communicate effectively in both written and verbal forms. The course covers best practices in investigative reporting, written reports and memos, and interpersonal verbal communication within criminal justice settings, including interactions with victims, suspects, incarcerated persons, government officials, staff, and civilians. These goals were satisfied through massive writing of essays and much communication within the students and the university staff. It was also achieved through addressing other students in various occasions in order to develop courage. This is very important to the employer since I will be able to communicate effectively with other people and in self improvement.

Ethics in criminal justice explores the standards and codes of professional responsibility in criminal justice profession. It also explores analysis and evaluation of ethical dilemmas, roles of professional organizations and agencies, ethics and community relations, ethics in criminal justice laws and procedures and civil liability in law enforcement and correctional environments. This course will help me assess the ethical arguments for and against personal revenge and also identify the rights of victim. Through various massive lecture the goals of these course were understood and also through discussion of various cases in law.

Contemporary issues in criminal justice as a course explores developments and changes in the practice of criminal justice brought about by the war on terrorism, as well as rapid technological change, and other social dynamics. Specific topics include: homeland security, the police response to terrorism, police accountability, racial profiling, and the expanded participation of the community in ensuring public safety. Students also learn about how technology has altered the way crimes are committed as well as the ways that law enforcement and the communities they serve confront the problem and address emerging public safety issues.

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The relationship between various organizations for example business organizations and the public is very important since it will promote sales instead of acts such as attack of business premises.

Cultural diversity in criminal justice is a course that offers a comprehensive, critical and balanced examination of the issues of crime and justice with respect to race and ethnicity. Procedures and policy in a pluralistic and multicultural society are examined relative to law enforcement, courts and corrections environments. The goals of this course were achieved through introduction to various studies from different races and ethnic groups. This course will assist me in dealing with various crimes from all over the races.


This was achieved through learning of interpersonal communication where I learnt various types of communication, for example verbal and non-verbal communication. This will benefit the employer since I will be able to communicate to all individuals regardless of whether they talk or not. This is also crucial as I will be able to detect any form of communication between individuals while still detecting whether their conversation is ill-intended or not.

Knowledge of the discipline

This was achieved through the learning of various courses as discussed above. This will benefit the employer since I will have a quite broad mind about course which will help the organization achieve its goals. This will consequently lead to expansion of the organization.

Integrating knowledge and practice

Knowledge and practice integrate due to intensive skill and training. This also facilitated by internship which I have attended in various criminal investigation departments. This will assist the employer in recruiting an employee who already is conversant in the field of criminal justice administration.

Education, training and self-development

I achieved this through various training and self development programs like giving a speech to develop courage and being effective in communicating with other people. This is quite relevant as communication will play the greater part in that I will have to engage into social talking most of the time, this being the key requirement to extract information from people. The training which was meant for body fitness will be important in that sometimes one is required to engage in forceful dealing of people.

Research and analysis

This was achieved through intensive research on various criminal activities in the country. Through the guidance of my lecturers I would be able to analyze my research and come up with good report. Writing of a report was taught in the interpersonal communication where I developed relevant skills in the writing of report like during a given criminal where one is supposed to do some investigation and finally design a report in order to come up with conclusions. Also through the various learning of technology I was able to learn how to research and analyze.

Learning of ethic as a course in criminal justice administration developed the idea of conducting me professionally by doing what pertains to moral values. This is a relevant course since it equipped me with great knowledge of conducting professionally. This also equipped me with skills to analyze and solve various problems facing the organization and solve them.

Vision and agent change

Through the knowledge of cultural diversity I can bring change of employing all qualified people from all races by educating my employer on its importance which includes bringing new ideas to the organization.

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