The fields of justice are the most critical in the handling of the lives of individuals, states and nations across the world. The work of the Supreme Court is to issue justice to all in a constitutional and lawful way without the influence of any external parameter. There are thus benefits for the appointment of a lifetime supreme court (Cramton & Carrington, 2006).

The lifetime appointment would mean that a justice will not be influenced by the appointing individual as the president. The justice will have a great opportunity to make use of the past experiences in the handling of cases that may be problematic. The justice will also make decisions basing on the past experiences that have led to lawful and well living of the people. One thing that is sure is the experience of the justice over time which will be a key to justice being done.

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The Supreme Court justices always have been endowed with the administration of justice across the state or a nation. It is superior to the local judges and the nation as a whole. A lifetime justice will thereby demonstrate with ease the true justice to all the people with no external influence.

Finally, the Supreme Court justice has a great responsibility of administering justice even among the local judges and every individual in the land. They also make decisions that affect the entire country, themselves and their families. A lifetime justice will stop the presumption that new judges will tend to bring difference that may interfere with the process of justice in the country. They also make sure that every individual has been accorded his or her right. Political parties are also under the rule of the Supreme Court justice. If in case of difference between the political parties, a lifetime Supreme Court justice will be able to address the difference basing on the truth and out of influence whatsoever (Cramton & Carrington, 2006).

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