Policing refers to the act of providing guard or protection by a group of state employed police. The police officers are under different policing organizations within the United States. Since these police officers are under the government, there is a close relationship between the policing organizations and the US government. The paper will, therefore, analyze in detailed manner, this existing relationship, and its impact to the entire American society.

The security sector of the police in the United States consists of two levels, the State and the Federal. The federal level consists of organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Immigration and Customer Enforcement. The mentioned organizations derive their authority and power from the first article (article one) and section eight of the United States Constitution. The article has a role to ensure the power of the congress exists in order to interstate and regulate commerce. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, for instance, is concerned with the pursuance of criminals who are likely or are crossing state or country boundaries. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is responsible for the enforcement of laws on certain specific substances with tax ban (Kelly, 2009).

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The police have three sub-levels at the state level; County Sheriff, Local or City Police and State Trooper. County Sheriffs have a role to operate and maintain the jails in the county. They also do participate in the areas, which are not within the limits of the city. They also have a duty of enforcing mandates of the county. State Troopers also referred to as Highway Patrol or State Police have jurisdictions or authority in the entire state but they are only allowed to operate or patrol projects and areas that are under the operation of other Agencies within the state. Such agencies normally include areas within the boundaries of a county (Kelly, 2009). Highway Patrol also provides policing services to certain cities that may have contracted the Department of the Sheriff. The local police adhere to the city ordinances and its mandate. According to the above policing structure and functions, it is true that each state has its own self-governance over its land. This makes each State unique in relation to the Penal Codes. The conclusion drawn from the above statement is that each county has its policing organization. States, on the other hand, have their policing organization comprising of all the policing organizations of counties within its boundaries. The states are what make the United States a nation (Borene, 2010). Hence, there is a clear relationship between the Policing organizations and the United States Government.

The impact of this relationship can never be overestimated. There are many businesses thriving in areas, which had been considered as insecurity spot in the whole nation. Business activities in these areas have lifted the economic level of the people living in such regions. Having the policing organizations at the county level has also facilitated proper communication between the security officers, the police in this case, thus any form of attack by an external or internal enemy can be curbed as fast as possible.

All in all, the relationship between the Policing Organizations and the US government has been a strong one and it has led to many benefits among the US Citizens.

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