In acknowledgement of the case presented it doubtless that Oklahoma Law court has personal jurisdiction over Magma Verde Corporation. It is indicated that Oklahoma Court has a long-arm stature which empowers it to investigate legal issues. During their case examination, the court discovered that in deed Magna Verde had contact with Oklahoma when the Corporation sent some of their employees in January to arrange for the title fight to be held later in the year. Since the scheduled title competition involved Sean O Grady and the defending featherweight champion and the fact that Pat had signed a contract with Magma Verde to co-promote the boxing competition the corporation has a responsibility to bear for the confrontation which occurred between Pat and Brooks the Sport writer has extended legal framework on the corporation because Mr. Pat was part of the team. The claim by the corporation that the Oklahoma Court

Service of Process is a legal notice served to a person by the court of its jurisdiction to enable the person to respond to the preceding before court. It is usually furnished by delivering a set of court documents to the person to be served. Following this legal perspective, it is unreasonable for Robert C. Vesco to decline that the service of process. To begin with, Mr. Robert Vesco is guilty of fraudulently misappropriating million of dollars from the International Control Corporation who filed the case against him. It is clear that Mr Robert Vesco was fully aware of the legal ramification on him hence opting to run away.

The pursuit conducted by the determined ICCs New York Counsel Lois S. Yohonn was in accordance to the law and line with her duty and responsibilities to the Corporation.  She was formally authorized by Judge Stewart who signed both alternative orders so that the culprit could not have excuse and also for the corporation to get its enshrined right. The lawyer followed accepted steps without breaching any of the accused right. Therefore it is needless for Mr. Robert Vesco to actually challenge the service of process.

In line with that, it is an offence to try to dodge a court order hence unethical. The tremendous demonstrated by Mr. Robert Vesco show his ignorance to the law and superficial thought that one can evade after committing a crime such as his. He need to be informed that any attempt to deliberately evade arrest is an offence.

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In this case Kmart should not be held liable since the confusion was brought by the badge which was still tag on the good they had sold before. Though Johnson sued them for false imprisonments she acted out of annoyance for the delay caused.

Following circumstances surrounding this case Elliot Maddox acted unethical to sue the mentioned defendants. First he greatly aware that it had rained and complained to the team manager who needed to take precautious measures to avoid such like injuries. It is unfortunate that the injury could end Maddox playing career, alternatively the match could be either postponed or the venue could have been changed.

It is authentic that Mr. Beulah Houston is legally convicted for attempting to commit a Master Cards fraud. The accused bears the burden of the lost card and knowingly wanted to make transactions. In deed the arrested should help the police with reliable information to even retrieve even the pause belonging to Mary G Smith. Regard to the manager who reported the matter.

Definitely Chanard will win the case since the Marce motors breached the contract. The motor company had entered into the contract and they had to live by it. It is ethical enough for Mr. Chanard to sue the Marcel Motors it is in line to pursue his rights

Steven M Krefer has no right to disaffirm the contract. This follows the fact that by the time transaction took place he was 20 years, married and had not emancipated from his parent. Unfortunately he cannot win the case.

Obviously, Mrs. Violet bears a liability to the sons medical expenses. Dwane Ebsen is mentioned to be only 18years and had been living with the mother until they agreed to part ways but she still extended her financial support to him. Accent Service Company which brought the case is justified to do so to enable the hospital to received their dues for the medical service rendered.

In this case Mr.Henry Galloway wins the case because Betty Galloway is a veteran alcoholic. It is evident that at the time when the divorced agreement was being signed she lucidly influenced.

This contract is not enforceable due to the fact that the deal was conducted while the two bodies involved were talking a drink. Normally contracts done under the influence of alcohol are not chargeable before the law court. It is also mentioned that Zehmer was just bluffing Lucy hence not committed to the deal. You cannot charge an individual who initially had no commitment.

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