The first applicable concept on this topic is the role of validity and hazards to soundness of causal deduction of four lessons of validity hazards (Maxfield & Babbie, 2007). This concept is applicable in the sense that its validity helps to enhance security since when property is legalized, the person is identified as the owner;  in case of any threat or violence, the criminals are identified as being liable for such threats, hence dealt with. The concept of distinct units in criminal justice study is also applicable since it provides solutions to criminal problems.

  1. Will the ecological fallacy and/or reductionism be potential issues?

Ecological fallacy and reductionism are potential issues in serial killers topic in the sense that they mislead people in the society making them either not validating their properties or making them fear to report criminal efforts or activities. This makes them leave under threats and in fear for their lives (Maxfield & Babbie, 2007). Therefore, the response is ecological fallacy and reductionism in potential issues and the only way to avoid it is to validate properties and possessions as well as identity in order to be protected by the law. Moreover, they can also report any threats or kind of fear concerned with criminal activity in order to alert the security personnel.

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  1. Is the research you propose a causal study? If not, what is it, and how could you do a causal study of your topic?

The research proposed is a causal study because it helps find the solution and corresponds to the causes and effect questions on how scientific practical ideography approaches causation. This will frame my research topic and develop my causal study.

  1. Framing your research topic as a causal study, how would a scientific realist approach the research, and how would you determine whether something is a necessary cause and/or sufficient cause in your research?

When I frame my research as a causal study, the scientific realist would approach my research through examining the time dimensions of the research as well as factors like cross-sectional and longitudinal perspectives (Maxfield & Babbie, 2007). The scientific realists also ensure that the causal study contains all the basic elements of causation study. 

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