State courts are usually recognized by a state while the federal courts have their establishment under the U.S. constitution and purposes to settle on disputes that involve the laws passed by the congress and the constitution. Jurisdictions are the types and kinds of cases that a court has the authority to hear and define the differences between the state and the federal courts.

Factual scenario that illustrates the commission of a crime that clearly falls under only state jurisdiction

When a robbery is committed, the crime falls clearly under only state jurisdiction. When a person goes and takes a valuable thing from someone else by force, threatening forcedly and thereby putting the person in fear he or she commits a crime that is only state jurisdiction. The robber takes the property that does not belong to him and then the owner is permanently deprived of that property by force and fear.  The robber uses a lot of force and often intimidates the owner of the property by threats. The execution of the crime usually involves the use of weapons that appear to be deadly. For example a robber can wait for a car that he wants to rob from and then by use of the deadly weapon and threats makes the owner of the car fearful there by submitting to giving out his car out of the fear and intimidation created in him.

A short factual scenario that illustrates the commission of a crime that clearly falls under only federal jurisdiction

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Crimes such as lawsuits presented against U.S that are listed in the constitution. An example is stealing military property. In a scenario where one stills military property such as uniforms, explosives, secrets, etc, they commit a crime that can only be heard by the federal courts. The person takes the military properties without the permission to do so from the authorities or the persons concerned. For example an officer in the military may be tempted to steal some of the explosives that are possessed by the military for purposes best known to him such as for sale or for use in unauthorized place. This gets to be his behavior, as he secretly take the explosives hides them and makes sure that nobody sees him. This is a crime that is only listened in the federal courts as this is against what is stated in the constitution.

A short factual scenario that illustrates the commission of a crime in which both state and federal jurisdiction exists concurrently

There are crimes that both the state and the federal courts have the authority to hear. In this kind of a scenario, jurisdiction is said to occur concurrently. For example, Alabama party can sue a Florida party for not honoring a binding agreement to a contract through either failure to perform or other party's interference. The Florida party has either given Alabama party information that they will not perform their duties as they had agreed on the contract thus leading to a breach of contract which is a crime. Alabama party is free to sue in either the state court in Florida or the federal court in Florida because it has personal jurisdiction and diversity in jurisdiction respectively. If I were to select where the case should be heard, I would choose the state jurisdiction since a breach of contract is not a criminal crime and the sufferer is protected under the civil legal statues.

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