There are various steps that have to be followed to investigate daytime robbery which has been committed in the town.

  • Record all details of the crime scene.
  • Get statements and try to identify witnesses of the robbery.
  • Acquire detailed description of the accused.
  • Identify all possible entry and exit points.
  • Examine the scene for fingerprints, tools the suspect may have used or any instance of blood.
  • Find out the item of robbery.
  • Determine if it was a case of targeting the person or just an unexpected attack.
  • Forward all items recovered as evidence for examination.
  • Acquire all descriptions of the stolen object.
  • Look for other alternative channels of identifying the suspect.

Technological knowhow is also used to find out information like getting the suspect’s fingerprint and DNA. Different methods are used to analyze the robbery pattern. One of them is qualitative method which includes researching the field and analyzing the police reports. This method is most preferred as it involves examination of non-numeric data (Adams, Thomas & Krutsinger 2000).

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To synthesize the data, one has to enter the acquired robbery information and the preferred software will give a profile of the robbery suspect (Marais and Rooyen 1990).

The investigation units that will assist in the operation are General Investigation Unit (G.I.U) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) both under a larger investigation division known as Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D).

Dduring the investigation officer has to have with him: crime scene barricade tapes, bindle paper, personal first aid kit, fingerprint kit, blood collection kits and trace evidence collection kit (Fisher 2000). In case the funds are not available, the government would help, In addition the officers should also have financial units in cases of emergency or involve the participation of the public

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