This paper seeks to discuss the office of the U.S Marshals. It seeks to discuss all the aspects which are involved in the job description, duties and responsibilities of the U.S Marshals. In essence, this paper will not only shed light on the office but on the importance of the U.S Marshals.

What does a U.S Marshal Job Entail?

The duties of a U.S Marshal involve everything to do with federal fugitives, federal laws and federal courts. The big question is ‘’ what exactly do they do in the federal courts?’’ Well, the U.S Marshals not only make sure that the there is smooth and correct operation of the judicial system but also protect the federal courts. This simply means that the U.S Marshals are sorely responsible for protecting and shielding federal witnesses. However, their job does not only evolve around the federal courts but also outside the court they are responsible for apprehending and tracking down federal fugitives. This means that U.S Marshals also help to uphold the law in the U.S (Calhoun, 1998).

Duties of U.S Marshals

The U.S Marshal Service has been assigned by the Judicial Act many different duties. These duties involve;

Judicial security

 This simply means protecting federal judicial officials. The judicial officials include; the judge, jurors and Attorneys. The marshals employ the use of detecting devices to intercept weapons and other items which are prohibited and security screening systems in order to uphold security in the court house.

Prisoner Transportation

 The U.S Marshals transport the prisoners from judicial Districts to correctional institutions or other countries abroad. The transportation is coordinated through ground systems and air systems.

Fugitive Operations

The U.S Marshals office is responsible for carrying out investigations on fugitives. This office is responsible for the arrests of fugitives and extradition of some fugitives to their countries.

Prisoner Operations

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U.S Marshal detains federal law breakers in prison cells.

Witness Security

The safety of a witness n a federal case is very important. The U.S Marshals are responsible to ensure the security and safety of the federal witnesses.

The U.S Marshals office has been around for over 200 years. This office was created by the U.S congress in 1789. Marshals have authority over federal courts within the jurisdiction of each district. The Marshal Service in the recent days has changed drastically. Its personnel, professionalism and functions have become more sophisticated with the introduction of modern technologies. This office has however not had it smooth al through. In the historic times, there was a conflict between the federal power and the states’ rights. Most of the times the conflicts simmered to a point where it threatened to escalate into a civil war. As years went by, people embraced the stability and safety that the U.S Marshals signified.

Types of U.S Marshals

There are many different types of U.S Marshals. These includes; deputy U.S Marshals, Administrative U.S Marshals, Detention U.S Marshals and Aviation U.S Marshals amongst many others. Deputy U.S Marshals are responsible for escorting federal judges, transporting prisoners, special mission and programs, forfeiting assets, fugitive investigation and witness security (McKinney, 2009). The Deputy Marshals also carry out the Attorney generals orders which may involve acts of terrorism or simple civil disturbance. They help to execute the criminal and civil processes on such cases. Administrative U.S Marshals are responsible for the administrative duties in the office of the U.S Marshals.


The office of the U.S Marshals plays a very important role in upholding law in the U.S. U.S Marshals have many duties and responsibilities that help to uphold the law in all the states in the U.S. This paper has discussed in depth all other related issues on the same.

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