Due to the nature of their profession, the law requires certain individuals to submit reports on cases of suspected child abuse or mistreatment. In this regard, certain professionals are subject to civil and criminal charges relating to their mandate as child reporters. On the other hand, a designated liability person’s role in childcare is because of an appointment by an institution. Thus, the role of a Designated Liability Person (DPL) does not bind an individual as a mandated child reporter (Stevenson, 2002).

The adoption of appropriate techniques in interviewing victims of child abuse is crucial in order to obtain reliable and comprehensive information. The first step is to eliminate anxiety between the interviewer and the victim. The interviewer should seek to create a trusting relationship with the child. He or she should ensure that the questioning strategy is friendly to ease rapport building. Upon the establishment of a good rapport, the interviewer should allow the child to narrate the event rather than providing guiding questions that may confuse the child. Allowing an independent narration by the child increases the chances of obtaining reliable information. The interviewer should avoid any suggestive gestures or question during the child’s narration of the event. In addition, he or she should exhibit patience and tolerance during the interview (Horton & Cruise, 2001). In case of the need for more specific information, the interviewer may rephrase questions. Furthermore, breaks within the interview will allow time for relaxation and easing of tension.

Our school uses a child-abuse-prevention model that integrates crucial aspects of child development, socialization and psychology. In addition, the model provides channels for reporting cases of abuse or mistreatment. It enlightens children on various aspects of physical changes, defines appropriate and inappropriate socialization, and promotes psychological support for victims of child abuse. In my opinion, my school treats cases of child abuse or mistreatment with the level of seriousness that it deserves. So far, almost all cases of child abuse have had justifiable ending. 

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