This paper discusses a case study by the application of the knowledge gained through week 11 study. Gordan who was married but ever unhappy in his marriage had two kids who disappointed him very much. As a result, at the time of making his will, he never wanted either his wife or his two kids to inherit any of his own property. The truth of the matter is, he can't make such a disposition of his property by the use of a will.

It is true that he can't as under community property situation, he can only exclude his spouse to the level of testator's portion. However in this case, some or a good portion of his wealth belongs to his spouse, very much difficult for him to dispose it just like that. Concerning the case of his children, it is open for discussion as they can always be excluded from his portion of wealth. If he will succeed, then I think he will have to take the court order, which will ensure that, the idea is not just taken as a scum to ensure their lives is ruined. This is on the fact that he is just on them very mad, (Agarwal, 2009). Following the reason that Gordan has never enjoyed his marriage, as he was ever unhappy, in it, it can hold some water when one explains that, in reaching such like a conclusion, he must be having convincing reasons which might grant him a legal permission to do so.

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Considering the possibilities that can allow him dispose his property by will, then it is found that, it can be possible, however on a 50 by50, the state where wealth belongs to the wife and the husband, as a result, she must get half of it, and for it to apply, he must divorce her first. The kids aged above 18 years, can be excluded. However, his wife can not be excluded from the estate. All this depends on where Gordan come from, (Rocchi, 1978).

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