The research examines the police investigations and how the community perceives their response to crime. The journal has three major points. It analyzes the progress made by police in tackling of crime while emphasizing on why and how this has been faulted. There is data report and exploration which is concluded by police investigation strategies that have been developed to restore the confidence of the community. The summary is done using descriptions, correlation and experimental methods, (Innes, 2007).

Descriptions have been used elaborately in the research to explain ideas. Tools and practices have been used to measure social impacts on police response. They include health, regulatory and environmental impact assessments. Public confidence on police has also been described.  The National Policy Improvement Agency report that was produced in 2008 showed that communal assurance depends on several factors. They include crime incidence, citizen’s contact with police and the demographic area, (Beak, 2008).

Police investigations are done using scientific techniques. It is described that the use of forensic technologies has enhanced police investigations. It has also made it possible for the police to use data base which has improved the statistical records in criminal investigations. The use of DNA Database has been a great achievement to the police in crime investigations. The statistic report for 2007- 2008 revealed that the technique significantly helped to minimize murder and burglaries (Johnson, 2007).

Correlation technique has been used to explain the social reactions to police investigations and response to crime. The capacity of an incident to impact the community depends on these factors. They comprise physical, temporal and social distance. Physically, the closer the people are to the crime, the more they are affected. Temporal distance hints that as time pass by, the evident shock linked to the crime begins to disappear. Socially, persons will carefully attend to a crime when there is a direct affection to them in the scene or crime victim. It is therefore important that the three interacting dimensions be used in order develop an effective impact assessment tool, (Innes, 2007).

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Data was collected through field-work based study. Semi structured interviews were conducted in 5 murder cases to achieve the results for the research. The interviews were tape recorded. The time duration for the interview was about 30 minutes. The questions were asked experimentally. The investigator put across hypothesis and the people answered. Questions focused on the thoughts and feelings of the citizens about crime and how they perceived the scene of crime. The collected data was tabulated and then analyzed.

The analyzed data show that crime can certainly have impact on the community. The murder of Amanda and the two young women greatly affected the thoughts, feelings and actions of people towards their security. Everyone became cautious not only with their safety but also that of their children. The data shows that some incidents have long time impacts while others have short time effects. Another important aspect raised is that crime makes people to unite together. This is because citizens would gather to assist those affected, (Innes, 2003).

Police response is also highlighted in the study. Police intervention during crime is indeed a complex task. However, the law enforcers have been criticized because some of the methods they use have negative impact on the community. They should therefore be very careful in order to intervene during crime. They should innovative and have diverse tactics so that they can detect   and deal with criminal organizations and networks. There should be reforms in the police force so that crime can be dealt with amicably. It will develop predictive and preemptive policing that would help to reduce the harm in the community, (Maguire, 2000).

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