It is impossible for any nation to exist as an island. This is especially so in the recent times when the world has evolved into a global village making people from all corners to interact easily. The United States has much to gain by interacting with the rest of the world. The benefits include economic interests of the nation. This is seen in the 2010 GDP, which was 14.5 trillion (Gordon). This is estimated to be one fourth of the whole world’s GDP, which explains why it is termed as the largest economy. This is mainly achieved because the nation engages heavily in manufacturing.

Most of the United States economy is also involved in services. It manufactures and exports services and products to other parts of the world making the rest of the world heavily reliant on the US. As such, many parties of the world including the third world countries look up to the United States as a solution giver. This is enhanced by the fact that the country has a strong financial market. The labor market also attracts people from other nations who apply and are absorbed into the nation. This explains further, why people from especially the third world countries look up to the United States as a haven. America Technology is also deemed to be advanced, and the nation comes to the rescue of other nations who face crisis. This is well exhibited in by world crises like the Tsunami where the United States sent help. The nation is highly advanced in technology; thus, it offers sufficient help in world crises (Gordon).

America is also unable to isolate itself from the rest of the world affairs due to the ties it has with the other nations. This is exhibited by the mutual dependence in the US-Chinese relations. America has helped China to get customers while dealing with their exports. It has also helped China by protecting the international business sea-lanes. China’s success, on the other hand, provides cheap products to the American citizens. The Chinese economy has also provided opportunities of a long-term nature to the American companies. The Americans also use low cost labour that is provided by China (Ian). These two nations find themselves in constant competition for both wealth and resources.

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The role that America plays in the world is well displayed in the Iraqi war in which the Americans invaded Iraq as a means of disarming Iraq; Iraq was alleged to possess weapons of mass destruction. The disarmament was also a means of rescuing the Iraqi people from the massacre that they were facing from the incumbent president. The US viewed the weapons that Iraq possessed as a big threat to the world peace; thus, it took the initiative of helping the nations. The United Nations in such an instance play the role of a world leader protecting the smaller nations to fight with what threatens them. The war has had adverse effects on the United States; it has faced casualties because of engaging in this war, which has in turn caused deterioration of the nation’s relationship with the political allies of Iraqi (Gordon). Furthermore, the United States is an initiator in the political development of other nations. Some of the phenomenons that the nation has initiated include the League of Nations and the Young Plan. The United States as a world power is indebted to aid other countries of the world, and more so, the third world countries. Therefore, it cannot isolate itself from the world affairs.

In conclusion, the United States should not and cannot isolate itself from the world affairs. The economy of the nation largely depends on other nations where it sends exports. It also depends on other nations like China for Cheaper goods and labor (Gordon). The political interests of the nation are also protected when the nation is in constant collaboration with other nations.

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