Whether Appellate court should reverse the decision or not, it completely depends on the evidences which were presented by "Delta" Truck Company in the trial court against "Vic'" Truck Service Company. If the evidences are enough to prove the case then Appellate court should continue with the Trial court, and in case evidences are not enough then higher court should reverse the decision and dismiss the procedure. So Appellate court has both the option but that will totally depend on the evidence. In case Delta Company presents some extra evidences which were not shown before in the case then in this case also the decision of Appellate court should be in favour of Delta Company. In case Vic' Company wins the case then Appellate court should warn trial court for their irresponsible decision.

Before giving its pump if Mit piping company have signed some contract with Overland transport that it will return the pump within the fix period and whether National hydraulics corporation would be able to repair the pump or not in that five days duration, in that case only Overland transport have to pay the compensatory amount to the Mit piping. As Overland Company was only a mediator and repair of the pump was not in its hand so if National Hydraulics Corporation was unable to give the pump to Overland then how Overland Company can return the pump to the Mit. But if it was Overland who fails to deliver pump to the destination because of its fault then they have to pay for that.

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As it was the case between customers and the Fast Corporation, so Eagle incorporation had no rights to come in between them. If in case software was not tested before its sell and its fails on given terms then only customer claim for that but the case was not that and their software was well tested. Now because of an advertising campaign in which eagle claims that Fast, instead of testing its software before it is marketed, has its customers "test" the software, and Fast loses its sell then it can sue against Eagle in the court. Now the compensation amounts which Fast claim on Eagle will totally depend on the percentage of sell fall after Eagle advertisement.

It totally depends on judicial rules of any country, and as per our country laws a company or any individual have full rights to know about any information which federal agencies or any other government department have. So Grappel Corporation can apply for its information and with the help of act Right to Information it can do that. But in case Federal agencies are working on some secret mission then federal can ask for the time till it complete that mission. Although as federal does not leak any information of someone to another so Grapple have no need to worry.

Loss and the profit both are the part of business. When shareholders have benefited then that decision was also made by the company, shareholders should also ready for the loss too. But as a director it was Mitch's responsibility to not make such decision which can decrease profit of the company but nobody knows the future result, so no one can blame Mitch, but if there are some evidence which can prove that Mitch took all the decision because of his personal benefit then in that case Mitch would be victim of shareholders and the company members. Now in case of competing with the one-of-a-kind corporation, it will be totally Mitch decision that which company should remain in profit. His decision should be based on such approach that more and more shareholders could be benefited.

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