Thesis: While some people contented that marijuana should not be legalized, its legalization will be of benefits. With Legalization of marijuana, farmers will earn from its sales, patient will use it for curing illness, government will earn revenue from its taxation and immense cost will be reduced when the fight against its use comes to an end.
With legalization of marijuana, farmers can plant it and sell it to people or firms who process them for a fee. Marijuana can then be used for other economic purposes.

The stalks of Marijuana stalks can be used in the making of fiber while the seeds can make oil and food.
When marijuana is legalized, agricultural and industrial activities will be enhanced which will in turn spur other positive benefits such job creations and income generation activities. Cannabis sativa (Marijuana) is believed to have some medical importance since it can cure some ailments. With its legalizing, patients will be relieved of their suffering.

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Gieringer, Rosenthal & Gregory (2008) agree that marijuana can cures some mental disorders in patients. Through the use of Marijuana, patients with sleeping disorders can use them in order to enhance their sleep quality. If Marijuana is legalized, government authorities are set to collect enormous amount of revenue from taxation of marijuana. Klein estimates that about $1.4 billion" dollars of tax can be realized in the state of California alone if marijuana is legalized. Legalization of Marijuana is likely to make it a crop that can be considered as a cash crop. This is bound to improve the economic position of a county.
When Marijuana is legalized, the fight against its cultivation and use will cease. In return, a lot of money will be saved and maybe diverted to other projects.

Government authorities are using money to make arrests, prosecute and imprison individuals caught trafficking marijuana.
Given that governments are burdened in paying for services other essential services such as health care. Legalizing marijuana should therefore allow limited funds to be use in.


While it may seem that marijuana should not be legalized, there are many benefits that can be derived from its legalization. Farming of marijuana can yield income and provide employment while marijuana produced can be used for medical treatment of mental disorder and stress. It is also clear that government authorities can also benefit from the taxation of marijuana as well as reducing its expenses in the fight against it is cultivation and use. While legalizing marijuana has come out to be beneficial, is enough pressure being mounted for the purpose of legalizing it?

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