Maricopa County being the largest county in the US is proud to have the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO). The MCSO serves the residents for all legal advices and law enforcement issues (Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, 2011). The office is committed to establish standards for providing quality and professional law enforcement, detention and support services. Their main is aim is to transform society so that it can be free from crime.

Discretion powers gives the one delegated the duty a free will to exercise their duty in the way they want it done. The decision maker has the chance to choose whether to or how to exercise the powers. The decision makers however are bound to legal requirements, reasoning, impartiality, and avoid discrimination, oppression or uncalled for injuries (Stana, 2009). The powers must be exercised in good faith and for the right purpose; be logically applied,; be relevant in all considerations; not influenced by situations that don't matter; be proper and genuine and above all be fair (Edwards, & Stockwell, 2007).

In addition, they must avoid conflict of interest; avoid being partisan; avoid certain results; make decisions that are arbitrary, vague or fanciful, and always avoid delaying justice (Stana, 2009). In my own opinion, the use of discretion powers is quite flexible; this means that one is given the right to choose bad or good. In essence policies need not be so rigid and harsh on the people. They should always consider all parties giving merits to every consideration and thus bringing a better solution to the impulse.

Use of discretion is necessary and should be applied in situations; however, there are occasions that must checked (Stana, 2009). In a situation where there are no justifiable grounds and places where policies, codes, practices and guidelines are never followed then use of discretion will be very dangerous. This is in view of the fact that selfish interests will be furthered resulting to conflicts of interests. The use of discretion should be applied in areas where there are relevant legal requirements, relevance of factors, consistency in decision making, and transparent and accountable decision making processes.

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Child Protective Services (CPS) was mandated to protect children through establishing relevant and all-inclusive family dynamics that have an impact in the safety of the children (Child Protective Services, 2011). Specifically, they are mandated to prioritize on the dependency, abuse and neglecting of all the children from all backgrounds. The agency ensures that the truth is first established at all times when the children are involved to ensure justice is done. In the "Truth in Sentencing" then people are assured that they are safeguarded from being punished from crimes they never committed while on the other hand the children that may have been offended, abused or neglected get their justice (Hudson, 2009).

Through search investigative agencies innocent victims will never be charged in court since there is always the truth being established first before one is charged. The children need to be protected especially if they are being neglected by their families since they can innocently suffer and be exploited by their family members (Turner, 2005). By protecting innocent children, CPS fulfills its mandate and purpose since the society's future is safeguarded. The children can be threatened of dire consequences if they report incidences of abuse and thus suffer in silence. By studying family dynamics such incidences are easy to identify and necessary action taken to protect the victims (Stana, 2009).

In conclusion, society may benefit a lot from agencies such as MCSO and CPS then the society can be transformed where victims are protected. In such a society where crime is low, life is better and people are more confident and focused on investment. This does not only contribute to economic gains but a stable future for the society.

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