Mathematics plays a very major role when it comes to law enforcement. Most law enforcement career require a person to have at least basic information in Mathematics, this means that mathematics and law go hand in hand. This essay is going to focus on the application of mathematic formula and calculations by law enforcement agents.  Fraser (2010) argued that RCMP forensic employees in Canada include graduates who studied mathematics.

One example of the areas where mathematics is applied is by snipers in calculation of distance so that they can hit a target. Mathematics is used to figure out the drop of the bullet due to range of the target. The bullet is affected by a lot of wind when in motion, it usually change its path if blown by a light wind and may make the snipers to miss a target. Snipers use mathematics to ensure that they don't miss the target and to compensate for the interruption by the wind. The bullet weight and velocity are fairly standard hence there is need for snipers to figure out how far the wind will affect the bullet per a hundred yards and per knot. The snipers also consider other minor pressures such as humidity, temperature and air pressure among others.  Mathematics is also used by hard drugs officers to ascertain the possible production of crack cocaine and methamphetamine. The competence of the laboratory determines the sentence of a narcotic trafficker.

Algebra is a very necessary skill for succession of law enforcement agencies. Most law enforcement careers especially that of police involve a lot of work other than patrolling the streets and arresting people (Keeratithammakrit, 2007). For instance police require algebra skills in order to calculate the speed of the vehicles so that they can decide whether they can charge a driver with over speeding. In case of accidents, algebra helps the police officers to calculate the distance travelled the speed and the location of the vehicle at the time of collision. Where the victims of the accident have died, the officers usually use their knowledge in algebra to calculate the time of death. The body temperature and climate conditions help in determining the time of death. Algebra is also important in offences which are related to shootings.

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Algebra is also used when dealing with forensic evidence. Trajectories and blood spatter patterns are evaluated using algebra skills. Algebra is also used in the evaluation of evidence by forensic officers; it is used in analysis of DNA evidence which is being widely used in criminal investigations. Weitzner (20080 argued that computations are directly represent able as purely functional computer programs if they are formalized algebraically. Algebra knowledge can also be used to determine whether the rate of crime are high or low so that they can decide to beef up security or increase the number of officer on the ground. Police also use statistics to determine the rate of crime in precincts and neighborhood and they can also predict when the next crime will occur. Delvin & Gordon (2007) argued that Charlie a law enforcement agent covered his blackboard with mathematical equations and formulas to determine the location of the perpetrator of a crime.

Mathematics calculations are also used by crash Reconstructionists to ensure that the data given to the juror is true. The calculations help in establishing the role of the driver in the crash and whether the road design or conditions was a contributing factor in the crash, these factors among other are variables which are used by police, the judge and the crash reconstructionist in determining the charges that are appropriate for the survivor if any and how the trial will proceed. Corporal (2007) said that the law enforcement agencies use the ideas of traffic crash reconstruction for making analysis on the dynamic of collision events. He further argued that there are a range of dimensional measurement techniques which are used in crash reconstruction. The officers use a steel tape, roll wheel and a measuring total station. Corporal argued that the total station has led to better diagrams. By using the measurements and calculations, the moment just before the crash, the dynamics of the crash and the immediate results after the crash are established. The police usually use scale drawings, statements and calculations.

Police and detectives also use percentages and decimals in their day to day operations. Decimals are mostly used in calculations whereby the law enforcement agencies are required to collect bonds that are unpaid. For instance, in case a company has to settle a bond, they may opt to pay just a small percentage of it, the officers would thus use percentages and decimals knowhow to calculate how much the percentage paid is worth and the property that they are going to collect and sell it at an auction to pay back to the bonding company. Let's say a company has been ordered to pay a bond of $100,000, they opt to pay 70% of the money, the officers would calculate 70% of the $100,000

70/100× 100000=70,000 or 0.70×100,000= 70,000

The decimals and percentages may also be used in calculating the distance range in case of an accident.

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