Many people in the United States have mixed feelings towards the upsurge of legalized gambling (Griffith, 2003). Some people regard gambling as a recreational activity that is not harmful. On the other hand, some other people are indeed concerned about a number of gambling-related consequences. One of the key issues of concern is gambling addiction. When an individual gets addicted to gambling, some very unfortunate and real consequences can take course. Therefore, the question is whether gambling should be allowed to continue with the way it is. Do we really need regulation on gambling? Would it be a prudent idea to outlaw gambling? Many people will view this subject differently but the consequences and the impact that gambling has in the society tells us far much a lot than the opinions of individuals. Thus, this essay seeks to propose the outlawing of gambling based on the negative effects it has to the American people and society at large.

A group of Americans allege that gambling has developed into an American pastime and must stay in that manner. In this perception, gambling is not regarded as a problem. Gambling appears to be a way through which some jobs are made available to a number of individuals. It is also taken as a recreation tool and an aid to local economies. Thus, gambling is seen as an activity of recreation and very few people in the United States have any issue with it. The second choice that is available is by regulating the operations in gambling to improve security on it.  Even though gambling can really be an activity of fun in a recreation process, it can be very detrimental to the people who abuse the activity.

There are a number of ways through which the government of the United States could be involved in regulating gambling in taking place legally. One of these methods that can help in regulating gambling is by compelling the states to hinder the promotion and advertisement of lotteries. The states can also outlaw casinos that promote the excessive gambling through the serving of free alcohol or any other kind of complimentary service. General gambling can be a very detrimental practice to some of the people in the United States and the government has a responsibility of protecting such individuals from risks of that nature.         
The third option is by absolutely outlawing gambling activity. This would completely stop any more growth in the gambling operations. Gambling contributes a lot in making people believe that they can acquire something for nothing and excelling in life is by luck and through chance instead of hard work and the use of intelligence. Gambling is taken as the predatory firm that produces absolutely nothing more than empty dreams and hopes and worst of all empty wallets for many people in the United States involved in gambling. 

All through life, people take chances with a lot of things. For instance, people play about with their lives and take chances for other persons who are close to them. Chances are the things that give a person a lot of good in life after going for the correct things and excel when the chance has been taken. When a person takes themselves to a level that is abusive with all that is on offer, it becomes very harmful and all the people who surround that person. A gambler who turns out unsuccessful may carry on similar attributes of an individual with a lot of greed. The greedy individual is one who is ever in need of more and in reality a gambler is eying to acquire more than what they really is in possession.

Gambling is taken to be an addictive activity for a quite a huge group of individuals and based on the level of addiction, it can impact negatively of the person’s life in many aspects leave alone the pocket. It is for such a reason that the United States needs to reconsider her position of letting gambling to further increase in popularity. This is the time for the United States’ government to come in handy and tackle the current issue of gambling that is actually a crisis in the country. Dealing with the issue of gambling will boost the economy of America at last. The benefits that are realized through gambling only take place at the expense of other people and therefore it does not work for good to all parties. We cannot really live by chances. Though the gambling process involves money, it is actually human life that is gambled. On the contrary, human life is so delicate and precious to be gambled with. Thus, gambling leaves a lot to be desired as a fruitful activity.

The problems that are realized through gambling can amount to ruin in finances, legal issues, loss of family and career or even lead to suicide. In such a case, gambling for stretched time periods can be very bad since they can amount to addiction and harmful obsession. Again, the problems linked to gambling can take place in an instance where the gambler incurs a growing debt from the process of gambling and does not realize when it is time to stop. Moreover, lying concerning the extent of indulgence in gambling is not a good show for an individual of that kind.

Gambling ends up being a real issue when the individual is incurring perpetual loses. This can also be realized when the person is very much involved in gambling with the hope of recovering the losses made. Again, neglecting personal needs and family to gamble is indeed a very big problem. Additionally, having the involvement in unlawful activities to finance the sport can be a lousy engagement. Another case of gambling problems can also involve escaping everyday obligations and pressures and that includes failing to report to work or other imperative social activities.

There are indeed alarming results of gambling statistics.  The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling took a lot of statistics which dealt with gambling occasioned by the reality that Nevada is indeed one of the most common destinations for people to visit for and take part in gambling. The results indicated that, the presence of opportunities to gamble relate closely to the number of problem gamblers as well as the age at which individuals begin gambling. There are alarming figures of the number of gamblers in Nevada since gaming is available freely (Griffith, 2003). 

Recent research has shown that almost two and half million American adults are pathological gamblers and another three million American adults should be regarded as problem gamblers. The research also showed that fifteen million American adults are at a danger of becoming problem gamblers and another 148 million adults are gamblers though at low risk. All the same, it always starts as a fad and before people realize it, they have lost their resources and life into it. Addiction to gambling is a compulsive need that can be destructive for the individual and the immediate family. Statistics of gambling show that a number exceeding 80 percent of adults in America have gambled at some point in life. Again, more than $500 billion is reportedly spent as wagers in a year (Wood et al, 2010). These statistics also show that about 3% of adults in the US each year are considered to be either problem or pathological gamblers.

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According to Wood et al (2010), gambling addiction statistics from a research of co-occurrence of alcohol and gambling show that problem drinkers are most certainly going to have a problem of addiction to gambling.  Gamblers who find themselves in the loosing end tend to be suicidal and there are quite a number of suicide attempts that have been reported amongst such individuals (Siegrist, 2008). If America ever involved the congress in voting for the legalization of gambling more than the case is today, the American citizens have to stand firm and assist the nation fight the problem of gambling. This is a matter of life and death. The knowledge about gambling is so perplexing and concerns should be expressed about the negative effects that come along it more than the benefits.

In almost a decade ago, the introduction of the National Lottery together with the access to gambling via the internet has promoted the growth of gambling.  The growth has reached great heights. This has attracted a lot of debate on the political, moral and social impact that gambling has on the American society. There are various kinds of gambling which include casino gambling, betting races, online gambling as well as office type ‘pools’. However, the most common gambling is that which takes place online. The activity of gambling is causing serious problems and has no benefit to the government in the first place. Despite this fact, government money has been used to deal with gambling-related cases. The congress has raised concerns about online gambling because the federal government does not get any revenue from it. While this is true, there are much more harmful consequences as aforementioned that affect the people of America than just losing revenue.

The problem of addiction is so much more important than focusing on the fun that is there in gaming. All the same, some people ignorantly see it as a way of life. The addiction occurs just in a similar manner to the addiction that is noticeable with drugs. Just like any other form of addiction, there must be a constant source of income to sustain the gambling activity. Some people end up being thieves to make gambling possible for them. People always remain optimistic about winning but the consequences are alarming. The big win normally never comes and the industry is ever holding high hopes that the gambler will keep on sporting. Thus, gambling is an activity that destroys the fabric that holds the fabric of the American society together. Government is actively involved in dealing with gambling-related criminals without fully gaining the benefits of gambling in form of taxes. This fact is very disturbing and compels us to ask ourselves why gambling should be permitted. The gamblers themselves are suffering at its expense while the government is not making any income from it.

Even though there are people winning in these gambling activities, each win comes along with a victim of loss. Where there is a winner, there must be a loser. The government should ensure the right of protection to all its citizens. In such a case, the winner gets advantage over the looser. A gaming practice involving the use of money should not be a legalized activity. The American society is suffering outrightly. The loss of jobs and family break ups as a result of gambling addiction are signs of a collapsing economy. When people are not involved in direct in investment into the nation’s economy while they benefit from its services, the thing does not sound ethical and economically feasible.

Groups in church have argued that gamblers are not putting their trust in God for their individual needs and that gambling only promotes greed. According to Christians, the tenth commandment is very clear. Christians are not expected to covet. Amidst all these theories and assertions, we still keep wondering the reason why people gamble. It is actually a craving desire which can end up being an addiction. People want to get more than what they already have. They are not contented with the little they have. They are still yearning for more without getting satisfied. People want easy things. In fact, a gambling culture makes lazy nationals and ultimately a lazy nation. People may not see the need of going to engage in better productive activities if they realize the ease at which they can earn money. It is the country that suffers in the end when its people do not work. According to the Christian’s holy book, Godliness with contentment is a great gain. Gambling therefore does not abide by Christian moral traditions which appear to be important in encouraging people to engage in useful work.

Gambling is also more prevalent among the low-income earners. This puts a financial difficult on the individual person and the immediate family at large. The loss of property and what an individual possesses is most likely to occur. It ends up being like an addiction and can really affect and change an individual to a point where that is the only thing they deliberate upon and will finally take full control over their lives. In most cases, the spouse does not have a faintest idea of the debt that accrues and the looming danger that beckons in their house. The moment an individual goes into a huge amount of financial debt through gambling, it could end up being an issue to the federal government through bankruptcy and owed taxes. This makes the nation poor. Such laws that seek to legitimize gambling should thus be abolished.

In the American society, there is what is commonly known as the ‘ethics of tolerance’. Tolerance asserts that no individual should sacrifice their fundamental freedoms in order to attain a certain goal and objective of public welfare (McGowan, 1997). The American society also has to condone the right of the person to carry out actions which could very well be harmful to the society as far as that right to do such activities is provided for by the law. Again, the government of the United States is expected to protect the right of the person and should not force a person to relinquish a right even for a good intention. These are some of the predispositions that have backed up the practice of gambling. All the same, there is more harm done to the gambler than benefit. Hence, the government should just abolish the gambling so that it may not contradict itself when dealing with issues related to gambling. Protecting the social, economic and emotional well being of its people is the most important thing that a government can do. Thus, gambling should be outlawed based on the negative effects it has to the American people and society at large. 

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