Race and Crime

An agricultural worker indicted for the murder of W… by an all white jury in the Jackson county Texas. In this case, ethnicity showed itself in that, it was claimed that Mexican- Americans cannot take part in commissions that appointed juries or petit juries. The case was thus seen as discriminatory against Mexican- American citizens as a special class in the Jackson County. However the criminal justice system argued that, they were advised that no member of the Mexican nationality had challenged this classification as white or Caucasian. So the case was seen as a denial of the Fourteenth Amendment that gives equal protection rights to try a defendant of a particular racer or ethnicity.       

W… had sued the state of Kentucky, the issue of race and ethnicity showed in that the petition was occasioned by the striking of the African Americans from the jury which W… saw as a violation of his constitutional rights. The case had the significance on the trial process in that, the Supreme Court ruled that striking juries due to their race or ethnicity violates the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. W… stood trial in Jefferson County; on charges of second degree burglary and receipt of stolen goods. In the selection of the jury, the prosecutor had used his preemptory challenges to strike out all the four African Americans from the jury venire thus crafting an all white jury. W.. being an African American saw this as racial bias against him on the basis of his race.

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W.. Board of Education; a parent sued the school system for denying his daughter entrance to a magnet school. The early 1990s had rapid immigration that led to a decline in busing acceptance in schools. In 1992, the CMS responded by introducing a managed choice plan that reduced the number if students bused. In the case, judge LD potter ruled that the mandatory unitary system had been met and lifted the court order on mandatory busing by races or ethnicity. This ruling upheld by the approach court in Richmond in 2000. The case had a profound racial significance in that, by affirming the new choice plan dividing the city in to four large attendance zones, based on neibhourhood; it simply reinstated racial segregation in the school system.

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