The site I visited is As for the topic I have decided to look through and learn is “Civil Rights”. This field of law was taken as it can be applied in almost all spheres of our life: family, marriage, work, etc. The influence of the civil law can not be ignored or not taken into account.

Civil rights were in the focus of the United States policy from the very beginning. It was believed that these rights will be a foundation for establishing the principle of equity and basic rights for every person. It is even obvious as civil rights refer to almost every part of our life and make an inalienable influence on legal aspects of its (especially those aspects at which our private life is connected with law).

As for the legislation, the documents are to be taken into account are Civil Rights Act (1964), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, civil rights are also fixed in the U.S. Constitution and federal laws as well as in the constitutions and laws of the states. What is important to say is that these documents made racial segregation illegal in the U.S. Moreover, this documents help to ensure a fair employment practice, and make any discrimination based on sex, religion, age, race, color, or disability illegal.

Some legal aspects of the civil law in perspective of employment can be quite difficult taking into account the fact that the employees are afraid of making statements against their bosses/employers. In numerous cases taken from the practice, employees are afraid of being fired or they are afraid of some other consequences which their claim will lead to.

The field of rights where civil law works is huge. Right to free speech, right to due process, right to vote and some other rights are mentioned in the U.S. Constitution and other documents of the U.S. legislation. It should be mentioned that the rights which are given to people are not unlimited and the legal practice can give more rights to all of us.

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As for civil rights, government should not interfere or adopt other laws which are to restrict these rights. The fact which is really interesting is that, i.e. in the case of “right to free speech”, our friends can’t interfere in this kind of our right. But employer can. Probably, the reasons for these restrictments are the policies of the employers and the policies of the companies people work in.

As it was mentioned above, civil law can be applied to many spheres of our life: work (employment law), family (family law), etc. Civil law may involve even criminal law in respect that if some individual rights were violated the person has an opportunity to sue for damages or file a complaint with governmental agencies which work in the sphere of civil law. Within such agencies the following ones can be mentioned:  Department of Health, Office for Civil Rights, Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

To sup up, what conclusions can be made basing on the information about civil law which was taken from the

First of all, civil law is not a new one. The spheres which this law covers are connected with the humans’ life. If we are talking about the history of the law in the United States of America, this field of study was a part of U.S. legislative system from the very beginning of its creation. The fact that this law was in focus since the U.S. was created shows that this law is inalienable from our life and from the legal system of the state respectively.

Secondly and finally, civil law is very complicated for several reasons: it covers a lot of spheres of life, it involve several fields of study and even criminal law. The complicacy of the civil law can be shown also by the quantity of the documents within the U.S. legislation which refer to the civil law.  

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