Globalization plays a very important role in the present world. It has a wide interconnection of the economy which allow the free exchange and delivery of important aspects such as great ideas, information, technology, customary values, and interaction of people, resources and commodities. Globalism is an important contributor of the political strength internationally especially during the elections because of the ever changing global environment. This implies that the United Nations and the Security Council are the institutions that define globalism are in a position to be accustomed to the structure of the government policies in the global elections. The United Nations improve the global surroundings and preparing it to be able to interconnect with the rest of the world.  Therefore, globalization will amplify the simplicity of the decisions made by the government and the requirement of the other nations to collaborate on important issues such as transnational issues. The United Nations and the Security Council institutions are recognized as the world’s principal supporter of and consequently the largest recipient of the fruits of globalization. This is seen as the impact of its continued firm assimilation of the global market.    

Although the United Nations is the leading supporter of globalization and the most central driver of the global expansion, it is in the verge of loosing it all. This is as a result of the economic shortfall contributed by the huge trade short coming and the low domestic investments. The global assurance is most important in the United Nations economic growth however, the United Nations is susceptible to lose its international confidence which has a vital damage to the rest of the world.

The Security Council is on the other hand is also another institution that identifies globalization. The Security Council is the branch of the UN and has an important part to play in the global economy which is to maintain the world’s peace and security. Its main duty is to take a lead in the organization and the instruction of the way forward for the global economy. According to Charves, he stated that Security Council institution as a “regional representation is needed safeguarding and representation of every continent” (87). Therefore, Security Council is a major driver in dealing with the global security issues. This comes about by the term of globalization in case of dealing with the most serious crimes that are committed by the people in the world. Therefore the local courts can not be able to handle such cases. It is the therefore the duty of the Security Council to handle the case by the help of the International Criminal Court (ICC) therefore promoting global peace.

Global Promise by the United Nations and the Security Council

The United Nations and the Security Council promise the world peace, security, liberty, order, and justice by making sure they keep an eye on everything that happens in the globe. They promise to keep the world safe so that the people will enjoy the life through their hard work of keeping their principles and heritage.

 The most important thing in the world is to have peace. Therefore, these institutions promise to defend, preserve and extend peace in the world by applying certain strategies which are meant to help the world attain peace. To defend the world, the institutions are determined to fight the terrorists and the tyrants whose main agenda is to deteriorate the worlds’ peace. They are hopeful to defeat them because of the tactics they use to battle with them with the main agenda of protecting people against the enemies. The other thing that the United Nations and the Security Council have to do is to preserve peace. They do this by creating and developing great relationships with the powerful countries and the rest of the world. This enhances the interaction among many countries and sharing great deals will preserve peace among the people. Extension of peace will be achieved by the means of allowing and encouraging the societies to have a free and open continental interaction among. Open continent interaction will allow exchange of free trade and market everywhere in the world.  This will also help in the world development and therefore improving the world’s prosperity by getting the societies out of poverty.

The U.N and the Security Council implement global peace by enforcing some policies that will restrict illegal obtaining of mass destruction weapons. Moreover the international institutions should be in a position to enhance the power of preventing conflict issues and maintain peace. This was enforced by the institution’s ability to find a diplomatic, cooperative and long-term way of solving the problems that affect globalization. This will help the whole world to be able to make right decisions and reduce the pressures of conflicts hence sustain a peaceful global interaction rather than involving in war.

Liberty in the world will be brought by the United Nations and the Security Council institutions’ involvement in the power of democracy where there is freedom among the nations. Freedom is built by the alliance and the multilateral institutions that are able to bring together the countries that love and enjoy freedom. Freedom among nations will be gained by the willingness of these institutions to fight against the terrorists whose aim it to violet the right to freedom.

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 The United Nations and the Security Council institution promised the empowerment of global justice. These institutions ensure that they contribute towards the reinforcement of justice laws. These laws are implemented by guaranteeing the universe that the international impunity is eradicated and there is no room for such deal. Another important aspect that will ensure that the global justice is adhered to is by making sure that the laws are established in the criminal law as well as in various environments such as the civil, the economy, and the social environments. According to Macklem, law enforcement includes “the range of incorporated offences pursuant to ratified international treaties so as to establish a global justice network” (118).

How United Nations and the Security Council Undermine the National Sovereignty

The United Nations and the Security Council undermine the national sovereignty because the masses do not vote on the policies that are created to safeguard such nations. As such these institutions are daring to challenge the national sovereignty which is the key principle that is being championed by the UN. Moreover, the national sovereignty law often propels the UN to intervene in the domestic affairs of any nation or State. However, the United Nations is globally relied upon to during the time of domestic crisis in order to assist to uphold peace and security.

One way that the UN undermines the national sovereignty by interfering in the protests carried out by a nation. They undermine the national sovereignty of a country by introducing to them hostile rules from the global interference so that they can be able to determine the powerful one.  Another way that these institutions are undermining the national sovereignty is stated by the Americans complaints. Therefore, North states that the UN is undermining America’s national sovereignty beginning with the national security of trading by “making decisions that affect American commerce and foreign policy” (198). On the other hand the UN is seen undermining the American national sovereignty by the unfair treatment of its national security. This was implemented during the Iraq war where the United Nations postponed very effective which the United States servicemen could have imposed to defeat their enemies.

Another important way the United Nations undermines the national sovereignty of other nations by using different tactics. One of the tactics the UN uses is by making other nations be independent upon the United Nations. This means that the United States will bear the burden of supporting the third world countries by means of involving tax-payers.  The situation makes third world countries to rely on the UN and can not learn to be self sufficient therefore making the country poor and poor.

Failed United Nations and the Security Council Promises to the World

The United Nations and the Security Council have failed to fulfill their promises to the universe. One of the promises they made was to help all the nations to develop and being fair to them. Therefore, this promise was broken by abandoning the poor countries to struggle on their own. The poor countries are discriminated where the rich countries trade against the poor. The poor cannot defend their market policies therefore being forced to open their markets at any cost so long as they are in the favor of the rich countries.

Another important promise failed to be delivered by these institutions is the promise to protect the world from the war that continues everyday. The United Nations Security Council was not able to find the solution of defending, preserving and expanding international peace. Security and peace have not been stabilized by these nations therefore being the major threats to the people and the economy. Terrorism continues to rise in many nations and the nations are looking upon the United Nations Security Council which does not offer much help.

The war going on among the nations have negative impacts on the world’s economic growth and relations. Food shortage has risen in many countries and displaced people are scattered allover the countries  without hope for the future, The security council has not come to the resolution of the conflicts among the nations where genocides and many crimes such as war have become a global norm.

Another failed promise by the United Nations and the Security Council is that they failed to disarm the terrorists. They had promised to ensure that the terrorists surrender their weapons to the UN arms inspectors. Segell states that,” they are not fulfilling their promises” (166). This allows the international crimes and war to continue dominating in the societies yet he UN and the Security Council did not achieve their objectives. “The United Nations is known more for its failures than for its success in humanitarian intervention” (Crocker 511).

Another blind promise by the United Nation was the betrayal f these institutions that failed to keep their promises on justice. They violated the vows and Security Council resolutions made upon carrying out justice to everyone without favors. According to Stover, ”justice is just a word the international community bandies about” (77). The international courts are not trusted allover the world and therefore the United Nations nave failed to keep their promises.

In summary, the United Nations and the Security Council are institutions that cooperate to help in globalization. The wider international communities rely in these institutions for support and for political legitimacy. These institutions also help in the international making of quick and better decisions for a nation. However, these institutions have both strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it’s the duty of these institutions to make a step of making reforms in order to tackle the problems and come to the best solutions.  The Security Council should come to the indispensable decision and merge with the United Nation institution to change the strategies used to handle situations such as crises. This will be for the benefit of the whole globalization issues.

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