The   paper is going to highlights on ways in which the democratic rule of land is affected or influenced by the activities of the attorney general or the public interests groups. The    attorney general and the public interest groups perform specific roles in a nation, and in some way   they support or affect the normal functioning or implementation of the law of the land.

The Attorney General is the chief legal adviser of a country's government. Thus the attorney general has executive powers to oversee the law enforcement and responsibility to provide guidance on public prosecution of the country (Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, 2010).

Public Interest Groups is a group that is known for pushing and influencing the public opinions and /or policy in country (Wilson, 1995). The public interest groups   play an important role in determining and developing the political, social and law systems of a country.

The law of the land is the law that is in practice in a country or sovereign region; The laws will ensure that the individual living in a given region and country follows the rules set by the authority to govern the behaviors and actions of the country thus maintaining the law and order in the country (Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, 2010).

Democracy is a process that involves political intervention thorough the use of referendum, consensus, or election in order to have easy control of a national matter (Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, 2010). This is where the different conflicting groups of the will seat down and discuss on the best way forward in determining the ways that will ensure that the groups come up top an agreement.

The court being the most supreme law enforcing organ on the land, is able to contain and hear all the complaints of the less privileged and oppressed people. This is in order to be accorded some justice as the verdict of judges from these courts includes the Federal Court System, District Courts, Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court. All these courts are supposed to conduct the rulings without interference from the other bodies that are not directly associated with the case. Resulting to the cases to be conducted in a free and fair manner ensuring that the judges make a fair and just ruling that will be of importance to the public.

The Attorney General is an obstacle towards the realization of democracy as they go against the law of the land; this is when they go against the will /final judgment of the court. An example of a case were a police officer (s) is taken to court for injuring a civilian who  was apparently resisting arrest was handicapped and injured or another case  where an employer is taken to the court by an employee who was injured in his or her line of duty and seeks for compensation for the damages. The court can make a ruling that will be able to provide the injured individual with a just judgment but this can be nullified by the Attorney General who has the power of changing the court ruling thus resulting to the judges final decision being less considered.

The Attorney General who is the governments chief legal adviser also grant the offender a realtor action bound to reduce the noise that will be raised by the public after a given trail is concluded (Wanhong, 2009). In realtor the Attorney General   will go against the judge's final ruling and alter the ruling to be different from what the judge's final decision, The Attorney General might alter the final judges ruling this includes granting the offender fines, compelling them to house arrest or even reduced sentence terms. The Attorney General does this in order to attract   public interest and perceptions towards the given case, the significant of this altered ruling will result to the Attorney general violating the soverenity of the court system thus rendering the existing law of the land useless.        

The Public Interest Group is aimed at protecting the interests of the individuals who are part of the group; in that any case involving the group will be doctored in favor of the of the interest group thus the group will not be wiling to be lose in the case against there group or any of its members, this will result to the group lobbying through the media and street demonstrations in attempts aimed at wining there favor. These groups' actions will affect the judge's final ruling as the judges will be trying to satisfy the group's wishes therefore making the group feel appreciated and making the judge rule against them.

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The public interest groups have also played a big role in the going against and altering the rule of the land; this is especially when the public interest groups highlights on the rights and recognition of a small section of a community. This includes the Public Interests Groups of the gays, lesbians, Buddhism, Disabled and other groups that highlight/ address the troubles of the controversial issues in the world today (U.S. Constitution, 2010). In that issue the public interest will conduct reforms that are aimed at restricting or pushing for the review of the changes that will ensure that the individuals rights of these respective groups are relieved from the laws   restricting and prohibiting there  actions in the region.

This move ensures that the rights of the individuals that are members of the group are relived of there duty and in the process the constitution is altered in order to fit the demands of the individuals or organization that are represented in the interest groups thus resulting to the groups altering the constitution in order to fulfill the rights of this marginalized group thus violating the initial constitution (Wanhong, 2009), a case in the state of Milwaukee was when a public interest group of the  gay went to court in a position that aimed at airing the groups concerns that its members are being harassed by the existing law and they wanted the supreme court of the state to recognize the group and make the a legal group thus  making gay marriages legal, a move that was ignored by the  judges as it was against the constitution of  the  country and human rights.

The District Attorney General will also affect the democratic law of the land this is by introducing new laws that will be aimed at altering the will and actions of the people living in a  given region or country. Some of these controversial issues raising eyebrows include issues like Gay Marriages, Religion and Parenting and Child Adoption amongst other important issues. As seen in many states in America these issues are highly restricted and strongly upheld in these states (U.S. Constitution, 2010). In these states there is some interference that is encountered by the intrusion of the Attorney General in altering the law of the land, an example was in the state Of Nashville, When There was a heated debate by the Attorney General candidates were one of the candidate was planning of challenging the courts ruling on the same sex marriage while the other was planning to support what the court had ruled on.

The public interest groups which very vocal as they represent the rights of there clients/ members, these groups provide a basic platform that aims at arguing beyond a theory before taking any action. the public interest groups will advocate for rapid change in the way the running of a particular issue in addition this is when the group(s) will rally for meetings with the public's and in the process the group will sensitize the people on the importance of the changing proposed action. The group will attempt to change a given law to favor there own interest this is when  the group holds meetings with the public that were held earlier will influence the outcome of the court ruling (Weisbrod, 1978).

The Criminal Code Act (CCA) gives the Attorney General the powers to prosecute any criminal suspect that he feels is guilty. When the Attorney General feels that the individual in question is supposed to be tried in a court of law for the offence that was previously committed by the offender in question (Weisbrod, 1978). Therefore, in this case the Attorney will prosecute the individual and the attorney will be able to convict the individual without the use of legal actions; consequently the attorney might opt to start a new sentence that will result to be unfair to the individual,   the attorney being more powerful than the judges of the courts will opt to start the hearing an already concluded case. In this   the attorney might misuse the powers vested to him/her by the constitution (LaGrassa, 2010), this is one way in which the Attorney General actions affect the law of the land.

Public Interest Groups also affect the ways of implementing the laws of the land this is because they represent the wishes and demands of the public known as (Public Interest Litigation PIL) and some are composed of a group of public servants. The public interests groups may use litigations that are filed to the high court or Supreme Court whether they have faced an injury or has grievances against the existing law of the land towards the existence of the land law. In this process the group will air its wishes to the court in attempts aimed at restructuring the law governing the land (Wanhong, 2009).

In conclusion the Public Interests Groups and the Attorney General plays a big role in seeing a democratic country were the greater section of the community views are highlighted. On the other hand these two also play a big role in altering law of the land by the changing of the existing laws in order to represent and fulfill their wishes thus affecting the way the law of the land operates (U.S. Constitution, 2010).

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