As a senator in my first term, I would take a Politico role concerning the matter. Thus, I would use a combination of The Trustee role and the Delegate role. In their search for a worthy candidate to serve in the Texas House of Representatives, the people were looking for a candidate who was first wise enough to make sound judgments, even when under pressure. They needed an attentive person who understands their needs and desires. In addition, this person was to stand for what was just and true. Finally, this person would influence the other members of the House of Representatives to move in the way that was most beneficial to the people. After consideration of many, they chose me. I want to fulfill the very objectives that were the basis of my being elected.

The proposed Texas Immigration Bill states, "all immigrants without proper documentation are to leave the country within six months or be arrested." Personally, I am against such a legislative move. I feel that it would be unfair and cruel to do this to these immigrants, because of various reasons. One is that a large portion of the casual workers in Texas, like waiters in diners, garbage collectors, cleaners and dishwashers in restaurants, and caregiver in homes for the elderly, are immigrants. Sending them all back to their country would put Texas in crisis. They do the jobs that residents do not want to do, so we need them, to a certain extent. They also accept low pay for these jobs. Another thing is that, some of these immigrants have been in the country for even more than a decade. Many probably have work permits that have expired. After this happened, they went underground because they did not want to go back to the poverty of their countries. People, who have worked in this country for considerable periods of time adding value to our nation, should be given the chance to become part of this nation.

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On the other hand, taking the delegates role would significantly boost my popularity with the populace. One major reason why the people are in favor with the bill is that they feel the immigrants bring about the rising insecurity problems. This is true, to a certain extent. Some immigrants that come into the country fail to get jobs, and become vagabonds. They eventually enter into street gangs and participate in drug distribution in order to survive. Nevertheless, not all crime and insecurity can be attributed to the immigrants. Majority of the people in those gangs are local thugs. The people also feel that these immigrants have taken over many jobs that the locals would have been enjoying. There is also the feeling that the state is being taken over by aliens. The Texans feel that these people should go back to their countries. It is a potential problem because if this situation will continue, it could result in racial crimes. We would not want to go back to such as a state and as a nation. This is a major issue to them; thus, it would be wise for me to consider it carefully.

Therefore, this is what I would do. I would support the bill, only on the condition that an amendment would be made on the bill, as a compromise. I would suggest that the state go on with its plans to deport illegal immigrants in six months, but that it would only do this for immigrants who had not stayed in the country for long. For example, it would be okay to deport those immigrants that have stayed for less than five years that do not have valid reasons for being in the country. I would suggest that the state legalize immigrants who have spent five years and above, a chance to continue living and working temporarily under probation, with the possibility of getting permanent residence. I would propose stringent measures in pursuit of a sustainable solution. This way, I would satisfy the cry of the people, as well as give justice to a section of the immigrants.

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