Crime is a wrong doing that is punishable by the law. It is an act of deviance that often violates the rights of the victims. Common types of crime in the society include robbery, assault, battery, rape, burglary and murder. Perpetrators of crime ranges from just an individual, a group of people and even an organized gang which can either be a street gang or a white collar setting. Crime can be against people or property.

Webster’s Dictionary defines criminality as the quality or state of being a criminal. It is the behaviors and characteristics associated with criminals. Sometimes it can refer to the extent to which a person’s appearance can trigger stereotype related to crime.  There are personal traits related to criminality, they can be biological, personality, psycho logical, socio-economic traits as well as cultural and societal factors. An example of a psychological trait is depression and suicide while a personal trait can be low self control and empathy.

Mental illness is associated with criminality; mental illness in a few cases can be a reasonable defense against criminality. However, there are many cases of mentally ill persons being put behind bars. Such criminal policies are made impulsively out of fear that persona with mental illness could pose danger to the public; however the system needs to adjust to such persons so as not to infringe on their civil rights.

Administration of justice is the enforcing of law and order, so that the criminals get punished and the victims get their justice. The personnel and structures involved with the administration of justice include the police and courts. Activities performed in the administration of justice include apprehension, detention, prosecution, adjudication and so forth. Administration of justice does not just punish the criminals but rehabilitates them.

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