What are the heroic qualities which make difference from other characters in a society? A dissonant cord is strike by the Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground. The sound of this heroic figure must be recognized very earlier. It is an important heroic figure from the literature of the 20th century. He possessed the modern vision about the hero's qualities. He wanted to know the status of heroism in modern times. Main theme of this work represents the recognition of the heroic transformation in the forms of human abilities constructing their good lives and honoring the persons with heroic qualities.

Dostoevsky has written about the traditions of defining the features of the heroic personalities and focuses on the challenges of tradition to its readers. What are the cultural qualities found in heroes? These cultural features are almost same in all cultural heroes as they decide to make decisions and face the consequences. Heroic characters are not successful in all cases and try their best to achieve what they have decided. They are defeated by their efforts and sometimes become successful revolutionary and defenders of the traditional respects as father, mother, children and middle-class wives.

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Hero possesses the qualities to start an action in response of other's actions. Heroes always chose the Dostoevsky's metaphor of facing the people in market, above the ground and chambers. Hero brings the three qualities in his/her life: having a great extent feeling about the life; ambitious to act on these feelings and thirdly the identity that asks him/her to promote the actions on those feelings. The heroic qualities are expressed in the way of sense to acting on desires in their lives because these actions are based on the belief with wider context of faith.

It can be narrated that how the Dostoevsky's traditional heroism is different from his readers. He is himself a difference that has been declared the metaphorically. He makes further difference and declares himself an underground man. What about the personality of an underground man according to the Dostoevsky's? We focus on the youth of the man who possessed the heroic qualities. These structures invite us to see the mature underground man with some serious problems in his early work and then he glimpsed in his youth. It will be correct to say that an underground mature man has attempted to diagnosis his illness.

What about the mature underground man? He is a heroic figure of 40 years; independent, educated and living in modern environment Petersburg. He is living a lonely life and away from the family members. How did this happen with him as he had no any sense to change the things with ambition? We need to know the details of terrible ways for the underground man. He has no concerns of money, lack of work and interaction with society. All these things are present for the man but that man is surrounded by a complicated situation.

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