The purpose of this essay is to take a deeper analysis of the two characters found in the novel 'Adventure of Huckleberry Finn" as written by Mark Twain. This work will look at the characters differences and similarities as outlined in this novel. Their differences will be in term of the character that they portray through out the novel and how their character helped the author in developing the plot of the novel. Another factor that will be taken into consideration in this essay will be the theme that being brought out by the two characters. The character that will be of main focus will be Pap and Jim. Jim a middle age man is a slave owned by Widow Douglas. Jim ran away from his mistress at the beginning of this novel. The character portrays unselfish, fatherly and protective characters. Jim wears clothes which are tattered and this brings out the poverty aspect of the characters life. In addition, Jim's appearance  seem to be very bad as he has ran a way from his mistress without most of his clothes. Jim shows kindness to other characters such as Huck as he play a role of a father to him during the trip of Huck, during his trip down the river.

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Jim plays a role of bring out the worthiness of slaves to other people in the society. He platy this role by gauging the growth as well as making Jim see  those who are slave to be people like him, " would steal his children...children that belonged to a man... a man that hadn’t ever done me no harm."(Jim) pg 10. Pap on the other hand portrays cruelty. He appears in St. Petersburg and him showing up turn out to be a nightmare for Huck as he causes many problems to him. Pap also comes out as a very greedy man. This behavior of greediness is seen as after making efforts to get the reward that Huck gets at the end of the adventure in Tom Sawyer. Pap get irritated easily, this comes out after being irritated by the growing signs of his son acts of civilization. Pap has ability to read and write, he further wears good clothes. Pap acts as a kidnapper, this clearly comes out after kidnapping Huck," he takes Huck in down the river after kidnapping him." This brings out Pap as someone who cannot be trusted by any one. From the above brief information on the two characters Jim come out as a very kind, protective and fair old man who is always after doing what right at all cost. On the other hand Pap come out as someone who unkind, irritative civilized and from good background. The author draws two completely different pictures of two people, he draws Jim as someone who can be trusted and on the other hand Pap come out as someone who ruthless, even though educated he can not be trusted  as he kidnaps and very greedy man.

The big similarity between the two character that Pap and Jim is they common interest on Huck, though they have interest on him c because of different motives. Jim very interested in Huck well being by putting in him human values and saving his life. On the other part Pap is after Huck for wrong reasons. His intentions are to get his money and get rid of him. Based on the above analysis there exist many differences between Pap and Jim but few similarities between these two characters as portrays by the author. The author brings two major themes using the two different characters, the theme of humane and dishumane. These themes come out clearly from the behaviors portrayed by them.

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