The two stories, Girl by Jamaican Kincaid and A rose for Family by William Faulkner depicts mixed emotional reaction to the reader. Girl shows responsive, caring and concerned motherhood of the persona, creating satisfactory feelings to the reader. When digesting the words deeply, they are like; a lecture a mother gives to her daughter to behave well. On the other hand a rose for family gives sad emotional feelings that a reader gets after reading the story. Exploitation given by Colonel Sartoris and the saddening death of Emily Grierson forms bitter emotional expressions a reader creates for the story. Bad systems of Governance as an example of Jefferson town rules the world with their unconcerned administrators exploiting citizens and causing harmful impacts like death, William Faulkner 1931.

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Various themes are highlighted by the two authors, Jamaican Kincaid and William Faulkner. Kincaid's main theme is responsibility to an individual. The mother to the persona has responsibility as a mother to her daughter to lecture her on acceptable morals in the society. The girl in the picture also shows that she understands her responsibility as a girl especially on how she carries herself before boys and in public limelight Jamaican Kincaid 2010. Faulkner on the other hand gives the theme of death as his main theme. Five deaths are witnessed through the story. This theme is shown in a brutal mint tantalizing way William Faulkner 1931. Through the theme of responsibility, Kincaid wanted to give a parental guide to parents on how to impart moral lessons to their children to make them responsible members of the society. Faulkner on his side wanted to criticize bad governance by showing the consequences it can do to the society.

Poetic expression and short story writing are literary forms of literature that the two authors have used to express their feelings to the society. The quality of their work is shown in stylistic devices used including repetition, imagery and juxtapositions. I can say that the authors have achieved their literary intentions to a greater extend.

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