The Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar reflects the power struggles in the times of civil strife. The subject matter of the play is about the concerns of the people and their ancient history. Shakespeare took an upheaval and examined the role of a leadership. The characters of the play have lost the touch with the glory, stoicism and integrity of their past. Cassius used the memory of the past to make the men conspirator. Persuasion is the central point of this play as every character in the play tries to convince the others. Caesar tries to take hold of public by his image and want every person to his side.

Brutus takes long time to make the response and finishes to become a conspirator and this scene of the play is very interesting. Portia the Brutus's wife also speaks her husband's voice of conscience. When the character of Portia is compared with her husband Brutus; it is true that her character is stronger yet she is a woman and male has dominated the world; therefore her role is minimal. There are the questions of masculinity and effeminacy in this plat even we ignore the gender issue. Portia is concerned about the meeting between Brutus and Caesar as she asks the Brutus about his safety. Brutus promises with her that he will disclose the secret later.

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Brutus: You are my true and honorable wife,As dear to me as are the ruddy dropsThat visit my sad heart. Portia the daughter of Marcus Cato and wife of Brutus argues that familial relationship with Brutus make her strong to conceal his secrets. It is also apparent from the Portia's concerns about her love with Brutus. When she finds Brutus in a worrying condition; asks the Brutus about the strange happenings; she assures that being the Cato's daughter, her mind quality is not like an ordinary woman and asks him to share the burden. It is interesting when Portia brings the blood image at the stage. Conspirators had left the scene; Portia percepts there suspicious people with masked face from the darkness.

"She knows something is very wrong. Brutus hasn't been sleeping well and is drawn from bed". Brutus puts off her questions but Portia among all the characters looks through the darkness and finds the truth there. She is a strong woman of Cato's daughter and Brutus wife and Brutus must confide in her. Portia did know all that Brutus had planned to do something wrong. However reader must remember the Portia's actions as she knelt before the Brutus and persuaded him. Portia also suggests the Lucius to keep the self control and tells incomplete instructions about the concerning of Capitol. Portia in worse conditions expresses her love with Brutus as she sends the Lucius to her husband to pay her greeting and asks Lucius to come back and report her reply from Brutus.

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