A twelve year old boy named Langston had been exposed to an environment sated with pious individuals. They have subliminally attempted to instigate a paradigm shift of his perception of religion by coercing him to dogmatically subscribe to the certain religious norms. He is a pragmatic boy who only believes in factual and observable evidence which he forms as the basis of his decisions making. In the text, he was made to comprehend the tenet of salvation in this way; once someone was saved he, is expected to see a certain light as well as feel the presence of Jesus in his corporal existence. His philosophical and pragmatic approach to religion almost worked to his detriment and poised to challenge his respect and that of his Auntie at the time he was being led into salvation. He failed to comprehend why the young children with whom he had been put together with were so sentimental and easily yielded to salvation (Langston, 1).

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Langston and Westley were the only two children who had a practical approach and were waiting for results from which they could inference that they were saved. However, the pressure which was exerted on them was somewhat too much for Westley to handle. He accepted to be saved albeit he had not seen Jesus. His reason was that the sinners' bench was too hot since they were surrounded by old men and women laying hands on them. He did this to relieve himself as well as to please the congregation. On the converse, the lack of tangible results made Langston the last person to yield to the pressure to become saved. He expected consequences for lying about salvation. His practical approach sufficed his decision to become saved when he observed that Westley had not been struck by the Almighty after falsely acknowledging that he was saved. He therefore joined the bandwagon of the saved knowing that he had not willingly done so he was not save since Jesus did not come to him. He became upset because the very foundations of belief in the principle of Christianity had crumbled since he got away with a lie and not even Jesus came to his aid (Langston, 1).

My summary leave out the details about the church, the people present especially the adults. It also negates the reaction of the congregation when Langston received salvation. Finally, the details of the conversation between Langston's Aunt and Uncle are not included.

What happens in the story? For yourself, summarize the plot (the gist of the happenings). Think about what your summary leaves out.

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