Satire is a literary genre that society's vices, abuses, follies and shortcomings are ridiculed with the basic intention of shaming the individuals as well as the society itself to foster their improvement. Use of satire is often meant to be funny but its greater purpose of use is to contribute to constructive social criticism through the use of wits as a weapon. Satirical speech and writings use irony or sarcasm as its strongest pillar but also other means like analogy, parody, exaggeration, burlesque, juxtaposition, double entendre and comparison.

There are two types of satire and they are: the Horatian satire and the Juvenalian satire. Horatian satire is named for the roman satirist Horace and it involves use of playful criticism of some social vices by using gentle, mild and light hearted humor. It uses a sympathetic tone and directs exaggeration, wit and the self depreciating humor towards what is identified as folly rather than evil. On the other hand Juvenalian satire also named after roman satirist Juvenal and is more contemptuous and abrasive than the Horatian type. It addresses the social evil through outrage, scorn and savage ridicule. This attire lays les emphasis on humor and is often pessimistic using irony, personal invective, moral indignation and sarcasm.

American Societies

United States has been able to enhance its nation building through satirical language a writings. For instance American community has used satire to deal with issues that affect the society for instance the sensitive issues regarding the illegal emigrants, the health policy, the inability of the president to deliver on radical changes, the war on terror and the anti-war concerns. One of the satire of American societies is that its military is aware that the American culture is a strategic weapon that ca be used to defeat the enemy or even the entire population without having to kill them.

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Therefore in order to allow the America culture into a society and repurpose it the United States military must, and will kill its enemies as failure to do so will mean a mission not accomplished. Despite the anti war demonstrations this society is willing to do anything within there disposal to ensure that its citizens both in the home country in other parts of the world. The inherent will to end world's terror through destruction of its potential competitors and threats inform of economy, culture and weaponry is a satirical element of the society which is seen as world super power championing for democracy and war free world. In the end they benefit from the suffering of others which counters the definitions of humanity especially the serving of their self interest in the face of war through the unjustifiable death of thousands of individuals at the hands of wars they facilitate and fund in the name of fighting terror.

American societies also use the power of information technology to destroy traditional jobs and cultures, through seduction and betrayal especially of the world societies that cannot join or competed with their information empire. For instance use of internet is used an illusion to empowerment of marginalized communities through volunteering of its victims. In this age of television- series franchising, satellite dishes, videos their enemies are able to get skewed view of its perpetrators as victims views are quickly dismissed as laughable. So through use of information the secluded societies are able to see the American community as a world of wealth which they are only able to judge in terms of their own poverty (Fisher, 134).

Another satire of American societies as compared to other is the ability to stress on comfort and convenience-ease and thus generating pleasure for the masses. This trait if the society has been used as a genius secret weapon to seduce the elites who despite the American reality and culture. In addition to that another satire of American society is the use of its military to keeping the world safe for its economy and to increase its cultural assault. This is able to do trough continuous involvement in the multiple effects of conflicts in mutating forms in search for world's peace. Through its funding and active involvement its enemies will continue to suffer humanitarian crisis which United States will be more than willing to lend and helping hand.

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