Super Sad True Love Story is a novel that was written by Gary Shteyngart that describes the American dystopia.  It is a satire of the modern American values and trends including the erosion of American political values. It focuses on youth obsession, the urge to publish personal information via social networking. The author introduces various values found in the American society. These values are outrageous especially the American culture and political values in the society.  One of the values that the author reveals is the youthfulness values and romance in the modern American. This is an awful novel of the sad love story whereby the author tries to reveal the American’s obsession with youth. The author analyses other different values such as political, educational and other values. He reveals the American being under the Bipartisan rule, a region which does not have an elected president is a political problem. Another value is love value, which is emphasized through the novel. The novel of Gary Shteyngart emphasizes the love in various ways that is love for places, love between parents and children, lovers and friends.

One of the values that one may consider in a normative sense of wrong versus right is love value. This can be contrasted with the love value found in the novel of Gary Shteyngart whereby he tries to emphasize it in varied ways. Throughout the novel, the author emphasizes the value of love between different individuals. One may interpret love in different ways in this novel. This is because there is that love which is the parental affectionate towards their children. For instance, Gary Shteyngart reveals the way parents commit themselves in loving their children. This love is significant and it is being considered as good because it creates mutual understanding between parents and children. There are another love values that the author emphasizes in the novel. This is the kind of love which creates problems in the society. The author emphasizes the romantic love as the kind of love which is awful. This is because the romantic love is a kind of love, which the author considers the love of blind that leads to mortality.

Additionally, Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story attempts to reveal many values especially romantic issues in the modern society. It is a heartfelt tribute of the regretful love affairs. The author tries to analyses the way love can bring out sadness and at the same time promotes joyfulness between lovers. The novel consists of a cautionary tales, which are full of distracted drones. It reveals some super sad loves stories, which are hilarious. The super sad stories reveal the argument about the analog pleasures, which are increasing in the digital world. Thus, Gary Shteyngart reveals the romantic love stories as the love, which destroys youth in the society. It makes one to feel stressed once it ends and it promotes loneliness and suffering in one’s heart.

The book is worth reading because of the way the author deals with the explicitly of the impact of the digital communications. Gary Shteyngart attempts to reveal the impact of social networking as a value in the society. However, it has contributed to both positive and negative impacts in the American society. He emphasizes the way digital media have contributed to problems in communication especially it has threatened the writing styles. This is because of the simplistic texting that the author argues that they create reduced communication to the mindless rather than the soulless. For instance, the message that Eunice sent to her sister was part of her campaign to educate her. Hence, the value of education is revealed in the process whereby education is valued in the society. This is because it is through the education people may be able to communicate with other effectively.

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Another value that one can consider is the value of power. Power can be emphasized in varied ways in a society. For instance, it can be political power or parental power towards their children.  This power can be equated with the political power, which is being emphasized in the novel.  The author explores the national governance in the American society. He emphasizes the way the political power values create problems in the society especially the American Recovery Administration (ARA). Gary Shteyngart analyses the way this governance presented a grave menace to the international system of corporate supremacy. He attempts to reveal the way America has a brink of economic collapse because of being threatened by their Chinese creditors. Moreover, the authoritarian Bipartisan government encouraged and promoted consumerism with the aim of eliminating political issues. The political issue is what the author argues that it causes varied problems in the society. This is because some people especially the privileged benefit while others especially the minorities do not. The privileged people live forever whereas the unfortunates die earlier, thus a still value to being a real human being.

Another value that I consider as right or wrong is acceptance. The value of acceptance is seen in different ways whereby one may decide to accept something, which may either cause sorrow or happiness. In the Gary Shteyngart’ novel, the author reveals the way individuals engage in relationships and accept each other.  For instance, she uses Eunice, a Korean girl who engaged in a relationship with a potential partner. In this case, the value of acceptance is reveal in a manner that before one engages in a relationship, he or she has to accept someone. This is essential because it creates a sense of understanding of one another. Moreover, acceptance reveals that there is a mutual relationship and one feels that he or she is loved by another partner. From analytical point of view, love becomes stronger once the partners have accepted each other fully. This is because love is susceptible to problems such as conflicts especially when partners do not understand each other fully. Thus, before accepting one another, partners should try to understand each other well and then they should accept a decision to move on together in their relationships.

Popularity is another value whereby many people want to become celebrities due to the need of becoming popular. This can be contrasted with the novel whereby the youth try to achieve popularity, to become celebrities in the American society. From the social media that the author emphasizes, many of them participate in beauty shows in order to become celebrities. People fail to appreciate fully the value of their human nature thus they involve in various activities that may ruin their lives. This is especially the youth who demand for celebrities. Thus, they use various means of trying to become celebrities in the society. Moreover, celebrities can be argued as a cause of youth’s engagement in certain practices that are considered as wrong in the society. The author in the novel analyses the way many youths have tried to become celebrities. But they engage in dubious activities that do not please their parents.

The last value is passion and this can be viewed in diverse ways depending on the way the reader takes its meaning. Passion can be considered as the infatuation between more than two individuals involved in the relationship. This can be contrasted with the novel whereby passion is revealed in the love affairs.  The author reveals the way youth engage in relationships because of infatuation. Therefore, he tries to emphasize the way youths involves in relationships because of passion. Moreover, Gary Shteyngart argues that technology contributes to problems of youths in the society.

In conclusion, Gary Shteyngart’s novel describes the American dystopia. The novel reveals different values in the American society.  One of the values is love value whereby the author emphasizes that love can lead to problems in the society. Another value that one can consider is the value of power. This is revealed through the way the political leaders exercise their political power, thus making the minority to suffer. Other values are the value of acceptance, popularity and passion. These are revealed in different ways especially whereby the youths struggle to obtain them. For instance, the youth in the society struggle to obtain popularity in the society, hence they engage in activities that will make them to appear unique from others.

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