The crucible is a play authored by Arthur Miller in 1953 and it ran on expansive way rate the Beck’s work.  The play was accorded the second best works from his previous work “Death of Salesman”. The activities of the play are founded on the activities that took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1961. Arthur was liberal in the dramatization of those activities. Miller simply wrote it as fictional story to derive a very important idea. At the initial stages of the play the “critical theme” that Miller was delivering through the play was very clear to most of the observers in 1954. It was mainly authored to respond to then U.S Senator and the House un-American activities committee’s campaign in opposition to believed communists’ sympathizers. It was highly criticized by most of the critics believing that the play was self contained about a dreadful period in the History of U.S.

Miller would have chosen the title for several reasons, may be because the characters in the play go through the different stages of the refining process - a group of pure of heart emanates while another group emanates to be chaff. Miller wanted to use this situation as a metaphor for McCarthyism 1950’s. Miller’s dream did not go far before it was uncovered and suddenly the play became darkly humorous, denunciation of communism/socialism.

The Salem held Puritan theocracy kind of the government in 1953, basically this is meant to portly that the town was under impending rule/authority of the church. The church leaders, mostly the churches’ ministers were very influential, were very authoritative figures, in comparison to the officials elected then. People who were allowed to live in the community were the members of the church, with a very strong standing, while the non members were highly rebuked in the community to the extent of being denied the chance of living in the community. The teachings of the church were very important and it was a requirement that every member of the community was conversant with them round the clock. Catechism was also a requirement to be fulfilled by the members of the community; it contained the laws and beliefs of the church.

The government of Salem has different roles. This   government of bureaucracy that strictly follows the rules and procedures to ensure the government activities are implemented. This is done to ensure the proper democracy of the country is achieved. Democracy does not mean government with bureaucracy way of doing its activities, but it does happen that those governments with such kind of procedure are democratic in nature (Danforth, 1663). One of the major roles of the Salem government that propelled its economic growth is the influence on the media.  Media enabled the government to intensify its propagandas to the public and hence got a great support from its citizens. The public therefore felt motivated to work and improve the economic situation of the country. This saw the Salem’s government to great miles in the economic growth (Neendlema, 1992). The other major role that the Salem government played was that of unity among its citizens. The government understood very well the importance of the group pleasure and therefore ensured that there was a certain group that was doing the right thing and if supported, then the other will follow the same. The government also fights against any demonic believes among its citizen. For instance the judges and the witch hunters are seriously looking for the workers of the evil, but are unable to realize that evil doers are among the citizen (Nourse, 1991).

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 The other roles that the government played was to ensure that citizen had proper security in their country. This enabled the citizens to work without fear and therefore to be able to produce goods in large scale. The government also provided proper means of transport; that is good roads and communication networks. This in particular led to the proper development of its ports leading to increased exports and imports of goods and services (Danforth, 1663). This is what led to its port becoming the best port of trade in America. The government of Salem gave its citizens some technical training especially the entrepreneurial training. This enabled its citizens to be self reliant; most importantly it is true that best of the furniture in America could come from Salem’s government (Neendlema, 1992). The government did also set up very strong foundation of defense that enabled the country to grow. The other area that the government embarked on was the tourism sector. The government offers discount to the tourist who visits the area. The other area of interest to the Salem government was the education sector (Stilion ,2009). The government invested greatly on education; in fact the Salem State University is one the largest school in Massachusetts.

The government provides education to the members of the community; it has provided a school Oregon, the second largest school with a capacity of around 40000 students and teachers above 2100 together with the counselors. Education is the future of every young nation and hence it is a prudent idea for the government to provide education to the residents of the country, since it will offer a competitive advantage in the global economy. It is the policy of the government to offer a subsidized education to cater for the less fortunate in the community, but have the capacity to learn and transform the nation’s economy.

Salem government also provides sustainable initiatives; information and the necessary business tools to enable businesses reduce the energy and consequently save on costs. The cornerstone of every economy is the businesses which thrive in the region and it is therefore, paramount for the government to play a critical role in ensuring that there is a good environment for businesses. In conjunction with that, Salem’s parks, events, vivacious downtown and venues of sports acts like an attraction sites for the tourists. It is the role of the government to ensure that these recreation facilities are protected to ensure the continuous flow of tourists in the city.

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