The development of Shakespeare as a dramatist is associated with various things. One of these things is the public of his time and his inheritance of a dramatic technique. According to George B. (1907), Shakespeare inherited his dramatic techniques from the Elizabethan drama. Due to his relative insignificance of his contemporaries, the completeness of his original equipment, Shakespeare took a foremost position as a playwright. Shakespeare managed to react to his inheritance of technique and social environment and this enabled him to perform well as a dramatist.

The stage on which Shakespeare worked on assisted him to develop as a dramatist. He developed through his early experimentation in plotting and adaptation. He wrote many historical plays and these chronicle plays he wrote were not stable and they showed the histories of different periods of time. Shakespeare had mastered the art of plotting as seen in his works like Romeo and Juliet, George B. (1907). Through his mastery of the art of plotting, the amount of incidents used in the plays was high and the incidents were so interrelated that they had to denominate the plot.

High comedy was employed by Shakespeare in his works of art where most of his plays were marked by joyousness of spirit and lilting gayety. Use of tragedy was common in Shakespeare's plays and this led to his development as a dramatist. In his late experimentation, his use of high comedies and tragedies gave Shakespeare's work perfect union, characterization and story. The perfect accomplishment in his dramatic works rests on his technique of drama, George B. (1907).

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The plot of the play Hamlet

The play hamlet starts with the walking in of a ghost in the ramparts Ellsinore castle in Denmark. The ghost is first noticed by watchmen and later by a scholar by the name Horatio and it resembles their late king Hamlet. Claudius, the brother to the king has replaced his and inherited his wife. Horatio and the watchmen bring Claudius and prince Hamlet to see the ghost and it informs them that it was the spirit of the late king and he was murdered by his brother Claudius, Kenneth B. (1996). The ghost ordered Hamlet to seek revenge of the man who murdered his husband and disappeared.

Prince Hamlet devoted himself to taking revenge and this makes Claudius to worry about Hamlet's unpredictable behavior. In order to know the change in the behavior of Hamlet, Claudius employs Hamlet's friends to find this for him. When some travelers come to this place, Hamlet uses a scene to that can relate to the way his father was killed since he believed that if Claudius was guilty, he would react to that scene. When the time of murder comes, Claudius reacts by leaving the stage, Hamlet follows the king in order to murder him but he finds him praying. Hamlet is then ordered to be sent in England and he goes to confront his mother where he thinks that the king is hiding, Kenneth B. (1996).

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