The Street by Ann Petry is a very unique and interesting novel that entails circumstances and experiences that limit financial achievement by black women. The author uses literary precedents and street techniques to protest against protagonist against females and encourage self definition and self image and self discovery.

Financial Stability

Lutie is one of the street characters used by the author to illuminate and shed light on financial stability. She works had and tries all mean to be able to beat violence and poverty. However, in the end she gives up. In the novel the author tires to formulate a street life in a normal day and age and a typical life in the streets. In this sense, it is clear that financial stability in the streets is simply a false pretence. In this case, it is almost impossible for the characters in the novel that live in the street to obtain or achieve financial stability.

It is important to note that the street is a very hostile and difficult environment for women to live in. This is because of the traumatic experiences that the women have to go through. This simply means that the street is a destabilized region that does not offer hope or an escape route. Lutie in the novel is however determined against all odds to achieve success and financial stability. The big question is ‘’ is this a misconception?’’ This notion and believe had a very positive effect on Lutie. This was because Lutie was able to plan well and carefully and have hope about the future. This is clear when lutie says ‘’ I am young and strong, there isn’t anything I can’t do ‘’chapter 3 pg 63. She had a great potential and a chance to fulfill her dream but gave up before she could enjoy or see the fruits of her labor and belief. The author indicates in the movie that gave up to early when she quotes’’ Lutie didn’t believe it, but like a lot of things she didn’t believe, it cropped out suddenly out of nowhere to leave her wondering and staring at the brilliant color of meat.’’ Chapter 3, pg 63.

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Social Concerns on Financial Stability

The concept of financial stability in the story depicts and brings out thematic concerns that show and portray black Americans economic concerns and plight. Some of the concerns include; single parenting, oppression and other social concerns. In this way, the black street women have a very important role to play and an obligation to end oppression, carry a shoulder moral responsibility in the streets and in their communities. This simply means that the black American women are responsible for the financial and ethical stability. In this way, the black woman is the black women has the ability to mainatain sanity and achieve financial stability. The black woman is a symbol or center of the street family (Petry 54). However, the novel depicts that in order to achieve financial stability, they women must overcome their fears and racism.

Lutie is a character who provides an insight and understanding into the lives of other characters in the street. In this way the reader is able to understand the devastating effects of unemployment, broken homes, racism poverty as limitation to achieving financial stability. In this case, Luties was capable of achieving success but she allowed these vices to distract and discourage her.


Many black Americans have experienced resignation, frustrations, poverty, street life and anger which is illuminated in this story. However, the circumstances and the past experiences of the black people should not be used as an excuse to drown in street life. This simply means that black women have the ability to achieve financial stability.

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