Baptized on the 26th April 1564, William Shakespeare died on the 23rd April 1616. He was an English playwright and poet, he is extensively observed as the supreme writer in English and the world's eminent dramatist. In England, he is considered the "Bard of Avon" and often called England's national poet. His work ranges from collaborations, several poems, sonnets, plays and some of the very long narrative poems. Among the other works, some of his surviving work includes 154 sonnets, 38 plays and two very long poems (Rosenblum, 18). Most of his plays have been translated to other languages and his plays acted upon more than any other author.

The author has inspired dialect and cheek wittiness with hints of telling the truth. He is seen to have raised the intellectual state from being seen as just a strategy to a level that is beyond farcical and autocratic whim.  Shakespeare is accorded the privilege of elaborating in his work that the world acts like a stage where all of us are just players such that God is considered the master puppet (Noble, 19). He literary inspired and challenged the whole world to arise.

The various works were published in different times and they were inspired by various aspects of life ranging from power to religious issues, the relationship and love affairs. Most of the recognized work is believed to have been produced between 1589 and 1613. He published poems with erotic themes such as the Venus and Adonis and the rape of Lucrece (Long, 34).

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The motivation behind William Shakespeare work may not be attributed to a specific case. Among the existing cases attribute that Romeo and Juliet were based on an Italian and Roman tale of two lovers that did not end up being together. He is seen to have customized things to make the work appear to be his own creation. Other work such as the Julius Caesar and the Henry the eight were based on the true story of what was happening at that time and age. It can also be argued that the motivation for William work was money, he wrote and produced so many plays which sold every easily (Rosenblum, 9).

There are some of the very interesting things that can be learned from William Shakespeare work. William inspired and influenced some of the world's greatest novelist such as William Faulkner, Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens mostly quoted the work of Shakespeare in his work and the 25titles of the articles he wrote were based on William Shakespeare's works. Over 20,000 pieces of works in music have been linked with Shakespeare's work. The scholars have found out among others that the two operas by the famous Giuseppe Verdi and Otello Falstaff were linked to Shakespeare's works. Some of the renowned painters such as the Pre-Raphaelites and the Romantics were also inspired by Shakespeare's work. Henry Fuseli who was a close friend of William Blake and a romantic artist translated the Macbeth to German (Dunton-Downer, 22). Sigmund Freud the respected founder of the psychoanalyst is believed to have drawn his work on Shakespearean psychology for his work on the theories of human nature especially the Hamlet. J.K Rowling work is also seen to be inspired by Shakespeare's work as most of the names such as Hermione may be an indication of how much she was influenced by his work. Shakespeare's work inspired the production of movies like She's the man which was said to be based on the Twelfth night and the 10things I hate about you.

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