This chapter looks at what culture is and how a good leader can come up with an enabling environment and an inspiring culture that motivates workers towards goal achievement. It goes a head to look at some of the vital aspects of a good organizational culture for instance openness and togetherness in the work place and also the willingness to learn more from others. This chapter gives a painstaking analysis of what a culture entails, all the vital aspects of a culture and the different types of cultures within different organizations and teams.

This chapter introduces a model which William Schneider came up with in the year 2000 as an example .The chapter emphasizes the need for consistency and a good relationship between both individual and organizational goals, good leadership and productivity of workers at long last. Flexibility is very necessary in a culture, in the sense that it necessitates accommodation of two or more people with, say different backgrounds and this in many ways promotes team work and solidarity -two vital aspects that leads to increased productivity.

A good culture should be that which has values and beliefs that are consistent with those of workers within an organization. In this chapter, we are introduced to how a good organizational culture should have good values, attainable goals and should create that feeling of 'a great place to be 'and this is by and large determined by the leadership of that organization or team. A perfect example is that created by Bill Gates-the founder Microsoft, where by he shares organizational problems with workers hence making them feel involved (Beesley, Coles & Shreeve, 2000).

The chapter introduces other necessary concepts of various cultures like competence which distinguishes an organization or a team from others because of the unequalled standards of performance, control, cultivation and collaboration.

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Creating a good culture first of all one has to clearly identify the type of culture they want to come up with, and pay much attention on the kind of motivation each of them requires for instance if one is interested in creating a control type of culture ,power is the main motivator that should be put in consideration. In collaboration culture, affiliation is the main motivator. In competence and cultivation cultures, a achievement and self actualization are the main motivating factors respectively (Beesley, Coles & Shreeve, 2000).

When creating a culture one has to create a clear connection between the goals and the leadership for the sake of the development of that particular culture. A strong work ethic and that desire and willingness to learn should be cultivated in the workers. While creating a performance culture the main focus should be winning and this requires a lot of focus, self-motivation, and discipline among other factors like resource management.

The leader has to come up with clearly understood, stated and agreed on goals, values and beliefs. If the leader is well-behaved and plays a role of a good role model, that acts an inspiration and motivation to other workers or followers.

Shaping a culture is another important aspect that needs to be looked at. This involves developing workers skills and attributes to ensure that you actually bring out the best in them. A good leader should work towards preserving and protecting the team to ensure that the long term goals are all achieved and motivating the team as well (Beesley, Coles & Shreeve, 2000). Other aspects of a good leader that will ensure growth of a good culture include effective communication to the workers, he should be in apposition to handle conflicts, allay fears among others.

In sum creating good culture is necessary for the success of every human endeavor. Leadership succeed due to the culture that supports its. Employees performance of depend on the workplace culture. Therefore, when creating culture it is important take into consideration what is support to be achieved by a team, a group, and others.

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