This proposal is to notify you that currently, there are some issues which need to be addressed. In my job report we do not have any department or any reports to tackle employees' issues. There is a requirement to set policies for good performance of employees. This will help to set standard and guidelines of what is expected from each employee. The department will set out targets and specific functions. It will also provide documentations and policies to address employees' issues and code of behavior to improve productivity.

So I want to request you to allow me to initiate policies and programs that address the above issues in the department. The employees should undergo regular training and each to be given a manual that address the issues. This will go a long way to save the company from facing such small but essential issues. Below is how the issues will be discussed with the human resource department for possible publication.

First of all of all, the logical thing is that there should be a department which should be directly responsible for such issues. This will act as a common tool for monitoring issues pertaining to employees' matters.  It will also act as a direct link between employees and higher company's administrative organs. This will be controlled by a senior employee who will coordinate the carrying out of certain activities and policies.

I feel it will be great when employees working in one department get along well. Dealing with employees who are friendly with others is far lively than issues arising in a workplace where there is no mutual working relationship. However, too much socializing can compromise overall outcomes in the department. There is a need to step up work ethics to gather for employees' welfare as well as to check work productivity. Work ethics will help employees to make personal choices in the work environment. This will be related to the goals they achieve and the path their lives take. Ethics in the department will be observed according to company's ethical standards (Goree 190).

The work ethic code will need to be communicated to each department's employees and its positive results monitored properly to ensure productivity. To achieve all this, the company needs to demonstrate ethical behavior in order for employees to emulate. Parameters and examples will be set out to aid work ethics. Ethics will be broken down into steps to ease the carry out actions and communicated accordingly in both regular and varied manner when necessary. This is achieved by allowing dialogue and share views as well as beliefs in a fair environment. This environment should free of critics and hypotheses. This works ethics should be tied to personal and departmental objectives. Similarly, safe feedback apparatus needs to be developed in the department. This will aid in attending to the views and concerns of affected employees. This will also lead to bi-directional dialogue between supervisors and fellow workers.         

Sexual harassment

I feel there is a need the department to set boundaries to cover vulnerable employees. This will protect their right to be respected by others. The department will a layout of policies of human rights and provide proper punishment and reward guidelines in case of an incidence. This will drastically do away with any sexual harassment in the company. The department will be able to closely monitor and provide support to its employees. The department will also be directly responsible for safety and respect between its employees (Conte 121).

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The department will be able to set out policies to deter sexual harassment. This may be a sexual harassment policy to give guidelines and regulations for its employees to follow. Another one is policies to provide how to carry out investigations in our department. Policies could also be instituted to prevent employees in a supervisory position from dating junior employees and to provide procedural guidelines in case of an incidence. Employees with good intention should follow common sense and procedures to respect others. The employees should be given proper training to guide them on good conduct. This will also enlighten them on the importance of respect for other employees irrespective of gender. Employees will learn and put into practice ideas of handling sexual harassment matters and complaints.        

Non-professionalism in the work environment

The need for a department is to closely monitor the professionalism of its employees. This will also help employees to specialize in their field of profession. The department also will give guidelines of what is expected from them. It will also appropriately deal with co-workers who wreck or fail to help in the achievement of project objectives. Some employees may create an atmosphere that is unfavorable to others in the workplace. The department will be able to set policies to avert these behaviors and provide proper punishment.

Unprofessionalism in the work environment is the inside-killer of workplaces. No matter how great productivity will go up in our company, without employees who respect people they work with, our company will go under some day. To prevent this, coming with a departmental policy to gather for common employees is a good idea. This will combat unprofessionalism effectively at the departmental level rather than at the company level. The department will dutifully handle any dishonest, unproductive, combative, and disrespectful or even social inept employees. It will also be close to any individual who is unable to properly communicate or acclimatize with other employees (Sanchez 84).

Respect for diversity

I think respect for diversity is the most critical issue in our company as it fosters posterity as well as special challenges. The new department will be able to create a diverse environment for its employees to work mutually. We want come up with an effective work relationship with diverse individuals at the departmental level. The department will provide respect for and appreciate the diverse wants, skills, aptitude and individual contributions. While this is critical, the department will not will allow the pendulum to sway too far in this trend. The department will also not forget to honor and be pleased about employees' similarities. By respecting similarities and resemblance, the department will develop a platform for understanding and welcoming diversity in its work environment. In order for the department to function well, I recommend that it improve workers input while endorsing the best players. It should also help the worst players to improve. To achieve this, the department will be equipped with enough resources in order to enable employees to maximize their talents and skills. This will result in the overall achievement of company goals (Schermerhorn 360).

Also on a personal level, the department should address employees' personal interest outside of work. It should also consider what its workers are saying about their personal lives such as their families (Albrecht 117).

If the policies are not set up and carried out as soon as possible, it will bring about potential negative impacts later in terms of the effectiveness of the company. I feel that the company should treat the issues as urgent and require immediate attention. Without that the company will stall some day.

So I request that you kindly consider my proposal as it is critical for the company decision making. This will go along in improving the company productivity as well as employees' welfare.

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