Dominos’ choice to use social media technology to post its brand details impacted greatly on its reputation. For a long period, they had developed and sustained a super reputation. The social media largely became its advertizing avenue. They used it to introduce new brands of pizza and receive comments from prospective customers. Advertising through the social media impacted the Dominos’ sales positively as their sales increased daily. The social media trend seemed prospectively promising thus the management used it massively as its means of communication.

Positive impacts were however discontinued at a twinkle of an eye when a couple of employees posted a devastating video clip on the social media. The video demonstrated unhygienic preparation of the pizza before packaging it. Within a short period, negative comments filled the YOU TUBE blog responding to the video posting. The long term reputation got watered down by that single video. Production was altered for some time, since several customers threatened to quit purchasing Domino’s pizza. Such negative comments were severe threats to the future of the company.

The video clip posted through the web blog caused contentious apprehension between workers and the management. The initial numerous adverts had successfully promoted the company’s sales to all parts of the globe. Increased sales powerfully advanced the company’s popularity among the American states. Conversely, a single negative posting caused massive financial loss since, for a moment, no sale was made. Amazingly, it was notable that negative news spread widely and faster than good news. Dominos’ hard-gained status and trust from among the global customers got brushed off by the contemptuous video demonstration. The depressing impacts experienced by Dominos’ were deeply demoralizing since competitors made exponential sales.

The Dominos’ experience brings out critical lesson to other upcoming companies.  Majorly, companies can learn from the Dominos’ disaster in order to protect themselves against unanticipated losses. Essentially, the social media are used for communication as well as advertisements. Communication through the web blogs helps cut down on cost and time that ancient means of communication incurred. However, care should be taken every time postings are made in order to pass the right information. Therefore other companies intending to use the social media technology should carefully post advertisements and comments that promote their services. This is because customers always surf networks and post real time comments.

 The Dominos’ succeeded in establishing better sales and marketing standards after the disastrous period.  To solve the prevailing circumstance, the crisis management department created a separate entry in the YOU TUBE blog. The new blog was intended to allow customers exchange their comments and opinions. This however was carefully operated by specific professionals. The professionals’ provided restrictions to clients before accessing the company’s’ pages. After putting the information in the pages, it was screened before uploading. All these rules were introduced to stop unwanted information from leaking.

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 The other companies could probably adopt the noble idea of acquiring their specific pages. The social networks proved to be disastrous during occasions of unrestricted access. Majorly, the Dominos’ as well as other companies appreciate the need to carefully handle business secrets. 

The Dominos applied necessary precaution immediately the video posting was done. It was observed that the manager reacted immediately in order to counteract the fast spreading rumor of selling insanitary pizzas. To protect the business’s’ reputation, he created a separate YOU TUBE blog and posted apologetic clarifications. The remorseful rejoinders he wrote, prompted more customers to give their appreciation of reprieve. Businesses can therefore protect their companies by providing immediate and appropriate feedbacks to misleading information. The Dominos’ manager apologized and promised to make necessary corrections immediately. The customers consequently found ease to continue purchasing the pizza.

Additionally, the Dominos’ called upon the customers to trust their reputation and gave assurance for quality services. It took them time to regain initial optimal sales, but they at last managed to achieve stable transactions. They also educated their employees on the importance to corporately embrace the company’s policies. The other companies can learn from Domino’s and teach employees to be loyal to the business.  In addition, managers can as well incorporate workers in brand evaluation meetings. This would help managers obtain employees heartfelt observations regarding their assignments in the job.

Observations show that the Dominos’ reaction was appropriate and timely. Had they delayed more, people could end up rejecting the pizzas and thus massive loss. Keeping silent would be interpreted by customers as negligence to customer satisfaction. The action taken was therefore recommended for many companies if faced by similar predicament.

Amazingly, the Dominos’ company had incorrectly anticipated such extensive losses. Within two days, Buzz ratings recorded more than 50% negative opinions from women. Dominos’ quality ratings and Zetas’ interactive measurement showed comparable down turn. The results were beyond the company’s anticipation. However, the company made efforts to regain in status by uploading its disaster management in the twitter. This gained them numerous cohorts and was used to thank customers.

In comparison, it would be necessary to take similar steps as they did. This is because the customers are always given a priority during consideration. It would be necessary to involve the customer care department. This department would send personnel to various parts of the nation to reach out physically to the clientele. The customers feel good if taken into consideration in times of crisis. The use of real time feedback to every question asked would help alleviate suspension. Orders of arrest would be authorized from the national defense department for the errant employees. This would act as a requisite to show impartiality and reprove of their disloyal actions.

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