For any organization involved in international operations to be successful, it must embrace the issue of diversity. The entity must be able to understand the complications that arise from the differences in cultures, races, ethnicities, background and religious differences of people (Kilian, Hukai & McCarty, 2005). The effects that diversity has on an organization should be understood in relation to the organization's goals and objectives.

The 21st century business operations demand for management systems that embrace the issue of diversity. For any entity including Dylan Diamonds to survive in such a competitive environment, the management team must be knowledgeable of cross cultural features of both the domestic and global fronts. This can only be achieved through the promotion of education relating to the diversification of the entity throughout the different departments of the organization (Marquis, 2007). 

According to King et al. (2010), the world is termed to as very colorful made up of a number of individuals who are very unique and who are entirely shaped by life and cultural experiences. The m0saic that is presented by these people if well utilized can end up being a very great strength to an entity and those people who opt to embrace diversity. Diversity has been termed to as one of the most crucial asset that an entity can posses in the present competitive world (Cocchiara, Connerley & Bell, 2010). With diversity, an entity is sure of gaining a competitive advantage over other players within the same industry. Entities that embrace diversity and choose to respect people's differences over biasness and stereotyping have always placed themselves in strong positions both economically and ethically.


Virtually, all entities have their own diverse and dynamic client bases. This is why we can argue that all business firms are required to employ employees from varying differences. When a firm is concerned with carrying business internationally, there is no better way to understand the diversity of the different clients it is going to deal with apart from employing people with diverse backgrounds (Seymen, 2006).  Taking an example of Dylan Diamonds, from the case study we are informed that the firm deals with a range number of clients and customers who vary from race to race and from culture to culture.

But when we look at its employee base, al the people in the firm from the top management to those people in the various firms outlets belong to a single race, the white. This is a limitation tot eh firm especially with the numerous people who visit the firm and its outlets but belong to different races and backgrounds. In the recent past, Dylan Diamonds has received a lot of customers from minority races and this has contributed highly to the annual sales of the firm (Jayne & Dipboye, 2004). However, the reflection on the firm's employees in terms of races and gender will have detrimental effects on the firm if no appropriate actions are taken.

Diversity within the workplace is essential because it is impossible or there is no known prove on how we can be able to understand the various needs of diverse clients unless the issue of having a diverse team of employees is embraced (Page, 2008).  All people are limited by our life and experiences we have had in life, this therefore implies that to understand the needs and wants of other people, we must come together put our differences aside and learn from one another. That is why Dylan Diamonds will have to employ diverse workers who have the ability to understand the diverse needs of all the customers who visit their entities. This form of diversity provides a firm with an asset that is invaluable.

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Cocchiara, Connerley & Bell (2010) assert that the firm's strengths, creativity and innovativeness will only be made possible through diversity. The more we put varying minds together, the more creative they shall emerge.  The world is currently changing at a very high rate, this needs quick inventions and innovative to take place due to its imperativeness.  Similarly, more entities are entering to the market and this means that the existing ones shall be given stiff competition. The changes are also reflected on the way people interact with one another. People have realized that they are all the same despite the differences that may exist in their skin color, race, ethnicity, country of origin and etc (Marquis, 2007). When people realize that they are being treated differently from their counterparts, questions shall be raised and this will affect the business negatively. Therefore, if Dylan Diamonds does not want to be the next dinosaur, it must learn how crucial diversity is and embrace it (King et al 2010).  Through this diversity, new ideas shall be formed and the only way this can be possible is by employing diverse minds.

Dylan Diamond should understand that the respect accorded to the differences in human beings and avoiding stereotypes is the most ethical thing that an entity can do. Embracing and following what the golden rule that clearly states according respecting to the differences that exists inhuman beings is the most sensible thing one can do. Respecting ones abilities, differences and skills of all the people and treating them as one will not only make legal and business sense, but a moral logic too (Kilian, Hukai & McCarty, 2005). Diversity places firms in safe legal standards. A number of cases have been presented where stereotypes and biasness have led to discrimination and harassment. It is considered illegal when a firm employs and hires in relation to race and ethnicity. In addition to this, it is illegal when a firm bases its operations, promotions and hiring on age, race, religions, disabilities and culture (Seymen, 2006).


As asserted by Jayne & Dipboye (2004), individual with different backgrounds and origins have different ways in approaching issues. In addition to this, these people have a set of varying ideas. A number of limitations would have existed if all people in the world grew, received the same education and thy believed in the same set of cultures. However, the differences that exist in them have made it possible to at least eradicate a number of these limitations which would otherwise have not been possible if all people were similar. People with different racial backgrounds and who have grown up with varying set of believes and beliefs have varying ways of looking at the world. The way a lady approaches a problem is totally different from the way her counterpart male will do. Similarly, a person who grew up in a region where racial discrimination was very rampant will perceive the world differently from the other person who grew in a place where race discriminations was unheard of or who constituted the majority race of a place (Marquis, 2007).

If all these differences of perceiving the world are brought together within a working environment, then it is without any doubt that the business will succeed.  With the issue of globalization, business have been forced to compete in a number of varying levels, levels that are all geared at gaining a competitive advantage over the rivals within the same industry (Kilian, Hukai & McCarty, 2005). There is no better known way that this success and gaining of a competitive advantage can be made possible unless through employing people from diverse backgrounds. The population within the work place should never be homogenous especially when the firm is trying to attract people from all walks of live (Page, 2008). This not only help the firm in achieving its set goals but in keeping in line with the set statutory and local laws.  The negative trend in Dylan will only be abolished if the opinions of the workers are listened to and; the best corrective measures taken.

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