Recruitment of employees is one of the strategies used by the management to improve quality of work done in an organization. If a company chooses highly trained and experienced employees for a certain job in the organizations, they are likely to gain competitive advantage over other companies who have poorly trained and inexperience employees. Additionally, having qualified employees in an organization improves the image of the company leading to increase in revenues (Deb, 2006). For this reason, a company must reevaluate their strategies for the purposes of ensuring they get excellent employees for the job. In this case, the recruitment strategy of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) is evaluated in depth.


The organization chosen is Price Waterhouse Coopers. PWC is an independent auditing firm that deals with offering auditing, accounting and recruitment services to other organizations that requires their services. The company has been chosen because information about their recruitment strategy is readily available in the internet (Magcale, 2007). Additionally, people who are working in the human resource department are ready to provide the information to potential employees who would like to become employees of the organization. Moreover, the company is known to have highly qualified employees working for them. Therefore, PWC is the best organization for this research due to the wealth of information readily available.

The effectiveness of this strategy will be evaluated based on the work done in the company in comparison with other companies. Additionally, quality of the recruitment strategy of this company will be measured by the use of statistical calculations to show whether the strategy is extremely effective or it has flaws leading to the selection of unqualified employees. For this reason, internet sources will be used together with books showing different recruitment strategies for comparison of PWC recruitment strategy. This will bring more prove to establish whether PWC recruit strategy is of high quality or it has loopholes leading to the selection of unqualified employees.

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The first recruitment process at Price Waterhouse Coopers includes the determination of the job duties. This is where the human resource department is placed with the burden of creating duties for the job opportunity in questions liaising with the department potential employee or employees are going to work. After this, the job is posted in the advertisement media. It is made available on the internet for potential candidates to apply via the internet. When potential candidates have sent their applications within the set deadline, those who have qualified are served with an online test known as aptitude test. Those who qualify are then called in for the first interview where they are asked questions regarding general knowledge and the job. The candidate or candidates who have qualified are asked for the last interview that entails signing of the necessary documents necessary for the employment contract. Finally, employees selected are trained extensively for the purposes of performing to their level best (Price Waterhouse Coopers, 2012).


The recruitment of employees in an organization may be belittled as a small job. However small it may seem to be, it is one of the most important jobs in a company. Management of different companies like PWC is using recruitment employment strategies for purposes of selecting highly qualified employees to serve in their organization. In this case, with the information readily available for PWC recruitment services, it will be extremely useful for evaluating whether they have an extremely quality strategy or a strategy filled with flaws. Therefore, using PWC, leaders of different organizations will be able to have the knowledge of a quality strategy that will lead them to select effective employees in their organization.

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