This paper seeks to analyze and describe founding leaders, leadership style and major business principals of business oriented approach, whose primary goal is to provide the necessary services and useful products to the end consumer. The paper also seeks to determine the approach and leadership style which helps to elaborate the different aspects of entrepreneurial approach.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was born on February 11th 1847 and died on 18th October 1931. He was not only a businessman, but also an inventor. Edison developed and invented many products and devices. He did not lead any armies to battle or conquer any countries, neither did he send people to slavery, but he brought out such a degree of power and authority that has only been seen in great warriors and legends from time to time (Cornwell, 2009). This is because every time his name is mentioned respect is commanded. He left marks that will always generate gratitude from the same. In one of Edison’s quotes he asserts that people should be ‘’ courageous! Whatever set backs America has encountered, it has always emerged a prosperous ‘’

Thomas Edison Leadership Style

Thomas Edison used a leadership style and a unique oriented entrepreneurial approach whose primary goal was not only to impact the community and the society around, but his goal was also to fulfill the exact needs of the society. He attributes and suggests that “I find out what the world needs and I proceed to invent it’’. This clearly shows that Edison primary aim was to impact the society positively and to give or provide to the society exactly what they needed. It is a known fact that every entrepreneur aims at making a profit and it is evident that Edison was out make a profit, but he also made the profit by adding value to this entrepreneurial style and orientation on the same.

Peter Drunker

Peter Drunker was born in 1909 and died in 2005. He was not only one of the most influential leaders, but was also a social ecologist and a management consultant. Many people describe Drunker as the father of the recent and modern management. Drunker was known as on of the greatest management thinkers of the previous century. He not only left a mark in the business world, but also influenced impact and continues to impact many people with his management approaches and prospects.

Peter Drunker’s Leadership Style

According to Peter Drunker, a good and responsible entrepreneur must always search and look for changes. The entrepreneur then needs to respond to the change in the market, in the community, in the financial aspect of in the customers needs and supply demands. In this way the entrepreneur will be able to explore this as an opportunity. The entrepreneurial approach used by Drunker was one that concentrated and had its primary roots from the primary goal of making profit (Topping, 2005). Drunker is seen as the inventor or the founder of the modern management. However, his entrepreneurial approach is not in any way related to making a positive impact in the society or community at large. This is because Drunker uses an entrepreneurial approach that aims at providing services to the customers or consumers for the main purpose of making profit.

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Approach & Leadership Style

In this analysis, I have used two main entrepreneurial approaches. This is because these approaches are the main approaches that were the primary aim of most funders and leaders on the same (Kao, 2005). The reason for my choice is because of the complex nature of entrepreneurship. In this case, to understand the approaches and leadership used, we have to understand the processes involved in establishing and starting up the businesses. We must also understand the financial ventures and the entrepreneurial decisions on the funding whether nationally, locally or internationally. The other aspect that I had to consider was the entrepreneurship context. This context examines the history and operating of the entrepreneurships. From the two scenarios, it is clear that funders used the principal oriented entrepreneurial approach, whose main primary goal is to provide services and product to the society and make profit. The next Entrepreneurial goal was an approach to make a positive impact to the society, the needy, the less fortunate and a community at large.

Resources Available through the Small Business Administration

Many resources are available to small business, such as the expertise in the business a field and other tools, such as the processes used to establish the small business, the financial ventures and availability of funds and the small business context. According to the funders and inventers in the entrepreneur world, every invention even in a small business should be aimed at providing services to others. The other resource or tool is to be a risk taker. Small business must be ready to take risks in order to succeed in the business world. The small business administration must also be willing to take responsibility for either the failure or the success of the small business venture (Calvin, 2004). The Administration should always search for or initiate changes, exploit the changes, and use the changes as an opportunity to make profit, and influence the society around the business.


This paper has analyzed and described founding leaders and their leadership style. It has also analyzed the oriented entrepreneurial approach, whose main goal is to make positive impact by providing series and products to consumers for a profit. This paper has also discussed the approach and leadership style, as obtained from the founders’ perspective.

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