Company can be defined as a legal institution that is fashioned to conduct and handle business of various stipulated nature which is normally defined in it's articles of association and memorandum of understanding. For a company to be successful it must have proper management skills and administration for the proper functioning and continuance of operations. Management can be defined as various aspects involving planning, organizing, controlling and leading involving employers and employees of various institutions. Management could also refer to a group of executives for example directors and managers who assemble for the running of continuance of a business entity. This creates an opportunity for positive competition of the company thus creating more morale and need to work even harder to satisfy the consumers.

This is the process by which the executives create a vision and mission for the company which are basically goals that need to be achieved. These ideas are passed down to the implementers who is the backbone of the various institutions in the aspects of if the managers need persons who actually do the work for consumer satisfaction. Basically, it all comes to be that the consumer is the main man in the companies' existence and so they have to be satisfied.

This is the manner in which various ranks and duties are assigned to specific individuals in relation to their field of study. Normally this is done to allow for the smooth running of the organization. This also involves modes of advertisement which means that at times packaging and enticing adverts can make person be obliged to by products of a specific company. Coordination and time restraints for example makes persons want to work under strict conditions as without supervision, they are not likely to be efficient. This is why a human resource desk is always available at a desk in every company it also allows for proper conveying of information as they can be danger of miscommunication in the company which could lead to a strike or a go-slow (Finney, 2008). The organization is also in terms of the payment dates to avoid inconvenience of the various employees.

Competence is an element that is necessity for the company of the persons is not qualified or up to standard, then there could be grievous out put which is substandard and but for the company's reputation. Staffing which is the employing and firing of others is done by the management to remove on slow draggers and the element of being overstaffing with little resources is avoided.

This is where persons apply their knowledge individually to create room for a proper working environment or direction. This has to be done by person with great convincing tips which generally means that they can pull more people to them and do what they say but on realistic and resourceful evidence. This way the companies' goals are definite to be achieved. Motivating the workers by having a pay rise or aspect of being exemplary performance can make person be more determined to work. Leading has been often seen as a method of raising the prospectus as once the company is high, there is more success and optimism.

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This involves the establishment of performance and goals plus aiming to them without turning back. These can influence the individual's behavior and attitude of the employees in terms of the respective duties and aspect of duty of work. Maneuvering of various aspects of work to achieve a goal is more or less to heaten motivation that is directed to objectives.

Management can be of types: technical: which involve the use of tools, skill and brain work to do a specific thing. Human, this is the interrelation between the employees for the company's growth. It is run by the human resource management of each institution. Conceptual is the aspect of oneness and wholeness of the company and problem solving and oneness that is resolved individually and upon hearing the grievances of each party and working on improving them matter at hand (Finney, 2008).

Explanations of how each of these functions relates to my organization.

In most organizations the management always performs specific activities or duties, by doing so they effectively coordinate all the departments of the organization. The management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling are the pillars of any organization. The planning function helps an organization to achieve its main purpose. It defines the organization's goals, establishes the strategies that enable the achievement of the goals, n addition the planning function also integrates and coordinates the activities.

The organization's management is made responsible for arranging work for the purposes of achieving the set goals through the organizing function of the organization. Management Organization involves the determination of the works to be done and how the assigned tasks have been grouped, the protocols to be followed and the decision making process (Matt, 2009). The organizations' management set up the lower management which makes sure that small teams under it are working well and maintains efficient communication. There is need for the organization to gather all the resources and determine the kind of people to recruit for the various jobs in the organization.

The organization has managers that works with and through other subordinate staff to accomplish the goals. This process is what is referred to as the leading function of management. that enables the managers to motivate the subordinates, influence individual workers and establish an effective communication channel.

The controlling is the final management function and involves the evaluation of course on which the organization is taking. The management ensures that every department of the organization is producing its best, and checks if the process of planning was satisfactory. The managers monitor and evaluate the performance in comparison to the previously set goals (Matt, 2009). The controlling function of management therefore involves monitoring, correcting and the comparison of organizational performance. The management controls and notes down the progress in order to make improvements in the future and ensure that the feedback has been obtained through the participation in the process.

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