In some instances, the Human Resource manager assumes a status of a business partner. The ideology of incorporating HR in the top management of organization has become common in most businesses. In the framework of strategic human resources management, activities and function of HR are meant to ensure there is success of business financially.

The objective is for the management to connect to the employees in various levels of their organization. This helps in communicating the business objectives and feedback from the lower managers and supervisors. It is the human resource manager who bridges this gap. The inclusion of HR as a strategic partner enhances the productivity of the work force hence, profitability of the organization (James N. Baron, 1999).

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In this arrangement, the employees are represented more effectively to the top management, making it possible for their participation in development of an organization to be felt. In an organization, where the HR is a partner in the business, the subordinate members of an organization can easily communicate to the top management. In this setting, employees make their contribution in organization decision making is more meaningful. The strategic partnership encourages team work in the daily running of an organization where most operations are carried out by subordinate staffs. In addition, the system allows workers to communicate across the departments with ease, since there are empowered through information from the top management. The HR is also able to focus their attention to empowering the employees by organizing workshops and training sessions.

The HR who is task oriented tend to be disoriented from the management of the most valuable resources. In case of such arrangement communication between the top management and their subordinates becomes so difficult since HR is not actively involved in the decision making. Without participation in decision making level, it becomes difficult to implement such plans. In addition, there are limited opportunities for the HR to improve their performance through employees’ empowerment programs such as workshops and training. Where such programs exist without HR as a part of the top management, the arrangement is most likely poor (James N. Baron, 1999).

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