With AMD as the major competitor of Intel, the main challenge of the company is to employ the best marketing strategy in order to remain competitive in the market and enhance its market share. The implementation of this project is expected to enhance productivity and to ensure that Intel remains the main player in the industry. The major milestones in achieving this include the following: - conversion of inputs into value-added outputs, capitalizing on global differences to create global competitive advantage, knowledge transfer across location. For an instance, Intel's subsidiary in China would be in terms of its market position within China's semiconductor industry; Asia - Pacific region.

Another milestone to be achieved is for Intel to be a lean Total Quality Management (TQM) maker with (Kaizen) continuous improvement in manufacturing of quality semiconductor chips. Through dual - product inductions six months apart, Intel will able to maintain a competitive advantage, and keep other companies at bay.

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The implementation of effective marketing strategies is expected to not only boost productivity but also meet customers' needs. To achieve this, Intel plans to implement the following: to develop a competitive strategy through present generation of the semiconductor chips (i-series). to Break-even in 1 - 3 years, to establish a firm the customer based, and to add value through low end offering.

Throught research and development, Intel plans to develop a less expensive chip in order to maintain a customer base. This will decrease operational risk in value chain mangemnet and increse bottomline profit, manage controls effectively, to shave of unforessen expense, Leverage any bottle necks to increase "sense of urgency" to finished goods; Increase Intel Capital M &A to sustain unforeeseen shaved of cost (MC = MR); Work to increase fixed cost contracts due to change in national security mandate.

The success in implementation of this project can be measured against the outlined milestones above. The controls provides parameters through which the level of success of the project can be established against the set targets.

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