This is to bring to your attention the unbecoming behaviour that has been observed among the staff when it comes to use of the department resources for unofficial purpose. The institution takes a very serious observation of its computer networks and the inappropriate use by some of our staff for personal reasons.

The main purpose of this letter is to remind the members of the staff in the department of the institution's policy on the use of the computers, networks and media.  It is clearly stated that the staff will only use the computers at work place and the internet for official matters. Staffs are not allowed to use the department computers and internet for searching for personal reasons. Individuals found involved in using the computers inappropriately will be dealt with accordingly according to the institution's policy governing the code of conduct of staff.

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All staff members are encouraged to pay attention to the rules and regulations as outlined in the staff manual and discontinue any communications or internet usage that might be against the institutions policy. Those found may be penalised from using the facilities and even have a long term consequences of being discontinued from their respective tasks and thus fired.  

All the staff members are encouraged to consult before engaging in any activity that may be contravening the policy on the use of department facilities. Compliance is mandatory for all staff and if there are any questions or need for clarification, don't hesitate to contact my office or the compliance officer for further guidance on the matter.

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